Halal Zi Char with over 200 dishes & FREE islandwide delivery

Halal Zi Char with over 200 dishes & FREE islandwide delivery

Buey Tahan Seafood Delivery is a Halal Zichar restaurant that does delivery island-wide in S’pore. They have been around for about 2 years. Before this, they were called Shi Fu Ge which has been around even way back! Some background details about them, they have over 200 dishes on their menu with classic dishes such as their signature “Crab In The Bag” and other amazing dishes.

For those of you that are social media users, you definitely have heard of them before. They have been up on various media platforms for their name and some of the innovative dishes! Buey (Hokkien) for “cannot” and tahan (malay) for “withstand” combines together to give the expression that one can no longer withstand or tolerate any longer. It has a similar meaning to the malay phrase “tak boleh tahan” where “tak boleh” means cannot. They used this term Buey Tahan – SEE-FOOD for their brand which has a Singaporean feel to it.

Besides their quirky branding, their dishes are innovative and interesting as well. Let me show you some examples:


Their “Oreo Cheese Crab” caught the attention of social media in May 2019. There was an uproar for this dish with many mixed emotions involved. Though this dish has been on their menu ever since the start, it was brought to attention with the power of social media. They were then featured on various media platforms such as ‘Mothership’, ‘SGAG’, ‘Damn Worth It’ and many more. Would you try this innovative crab dish?

Chapalang Seafood Bag

Next up we have their “Chapalang Seafood Bag”. For those that do not know what does ‘Chapalang’ means, it actually stands for a mixture of various elements, mostly at random. In this case, they mix a bunch of seafood in this seafood bag ranging from lobsters, crabs, mussles, prawns and more.

When you think of Buey Tahan Seafood, you can’t miss out their Signature Crab in da bag, Imperial Pot.

It includes 1x 500-600g Sri Lanka Crab and 250g each of various seafood and ingredients! Piping hot delivered right to your door-step!

Due to this Covid19 situation, they are offering FREE islandwide delivery! So wait no more! Order from them today and try it out yourself!


Order: www.bueytahan.sg

Phone: 6555 5300