Purchase 6 for $35 King Tiger Prawns & Get FREE Flower Clams

“Double Shellfish, Double Happiness”

Frozen & Co is running a 2 days only promotion:
You’ll get a FREE Flower Clam when you purchase a box of 6 to 8 Giant Tiger King Prawns!

So how big are the Giant King Prawns?

A photo posted on Frozen & Co’s Facebook page shows that each prawn is measured at 24cm! Now that’s pretty HUGE! So each box weighs 1kg and you’ll expect 6 to maximum 8 prawns in a box.

Black Tiger King Prawns (Thawed)

Whoa, now that’s BIG!

Expect to pay about $10 per prawn if you dine out. But if you get it from them, it costs approximately $5 per prawn only!

And the good news is, they are currently offering a FREE 500g Flower Clams for every purchase of a box of the Giant King Prawns!

Promotion ends 22nd June 2020, so HURRY!

Buy here: