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Redeem a FREE Prawn Paste with a purchase of a packet of Xiao Long Bao ($14)

From 17th till 19th June 2020, Frozen & Cois having a 3 day flash deal! Simply pay $14 to buy a 1kg packet of frozen Xiao Long Bao and you’ll get their Haidilao-style prawn paste for free. Yes absolutely FREE!

Each 1kg packet of Xiao Long Bao comes with 40 pieces.

Xiao Long Bao is just awesome, especially when loaded with shredded ginger and doused in black vinegar. Once you bite in, the stock will burst with flavour and you just simply can’t get enough!

Preparation: Steam for 10-12 mins on Steam Paper (provided) and serve!

And here is how you eat Xiao Long Bao like a pro:

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FREE Prawn Paste + Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (Frozen)