Sichuan’s Mala Grilled Fish You Cannot Resist!

Sichuan grilled fish, better known as Chong Qing Grilled Fish, is one of the BEST thing you could ever eat in your life!

It’s just sooooo good!!!

Chong Qing is actually a province in Sichuan, China, and they are famous for their chilli dishes such as Mala Xiang guo and Mala Steamboats. To some, these can be extremely spicy. But if you can take spicy food, they are SUPER SHIOK!!!

Whatever you see we recommended in the video, order them! It won’t go wrong

Kuan Kuan Spicy Hotpot & Nourishing Soup

Address: 32 Liang Seah St, Singapore 189053
Operates from 11am-11.30pm
Phone: 6338 4148

Warning! Damn crowded during weekends.

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