10 Great Supper Places In The West 

For some reason , most good food and nice supper place are always located in the east. However there are some good supper place that serve stunning food in the west as well! So let me introduce to you what i think is the Top 10 Supper Places in the west that will stop your “non-westie” friends for giving tons of reason not to travel to the Beautiful West for supper !

1.) Hai Xian Zhu Zhou ( Keko mian )

Hai xian zhu zhou , better known as Keko Mee or Keko Mian to their frequent customers, is the perfect bowl of comfort food for many. Especially for clubbers who stays in the west! A bowl of keko mian after a long night of drinking and dancing, keke mian will instantly make you feel your home cooked food comfort. Personally i don’t really eat instant noodles. So when i first went to try Keko mian, I am a littled annoyed that after queuing for so long, all i get was a bowl of INSTANT NOODLE! However after finishing this bowl of noodle, i totally understand why is there a long queue. The chilli soup is MIND BLOWING! So good that i end up returning so many times in the middle of the night that i lost counts.
Address: 163A Gangsa Road, 671163 Gangsa Rd, Singapore 671163

Opening hours : Opens daily from 2.30am – 2pm ( Closed on thursday )

2.) Teochew Cuisine Restaurant (Bt Batok) (潮州菜馆)


Was introduced by a friend when 1 random night i start to crave for Kway Chap but couldn’t find a good one in the west. Drove down and ordered a bowl immediately , and was totally impress when the Kway Chap is served. Their kway was okay, you know, just regular kway. But their braised duck was astonishing! As a duck lover , i dare to say the braised duck serve there is one of the best i’ve ever tried! And also order their fish porridge, it’s totally legit!
P.S. They will ask if you want claypot porridge, tell them no, “I just want the normal bowl of fish porridge”.
Address: Blk 132 Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 #01-300, 650132

Opening hours : Opens daily 24hours

3.) Meng Kee Seafood

Meng Kee Seafood is like our FAVOURITE place for Tze Char and the best part is they area open till 2am !!! I believe there is not much Tze Char stall that operate till this hour. If you go in a big group , a must order will be their PATONG FISH HEAD !!! This fish head dish is totally out-of-this-world, the freshness , the gravy ! OMG!!! ( I’m hungry just by writing it ) . If you go in a small group , don’t worry as well ! Their luncheon meat fried rice will give you the “Mum’s Cooking” feel with a touch of “Wok Hei” .
It is located inside a coffee shop named Meng Soon Huat Food Centre.

Opening hours: 2pm to 2am (last order at 1.45am)

4.) Bai Li Xiang Economic Beehoon (Ah lian bee hoon)

Bai Li Xiang got it’s name ” Ah Lian Bee hoon ” because the lady boss is a ” Ah lian ” but this doesn’t stop people coming from all around Singapore. You can always see a bunch of NTU students eating there during the wee hours . If you live around Pioneer , i will totally recommend coming to Ah lian bee hoon. it’s satisfactory guaranteed !

Address: Blk 651 63 Jurong West Street, Singapore 648310

Opening hours : 10pm to 5.30pm

5.) Al-Azhar

I believe this is like one of the first place for any westie to have supper once they got their driving license. Tried most of the stuff on the menu and i couldn’t find a flaws there, everything on the menu is so good ! My favourite there will be their mutton murtabak , crispy on the outside , soft and tender in the inside. The best part about going Al-Azhar ? There’s a whole strench of food just in case you don’t feel like eating al-azhar upon reaching
Address: 11 Cheong Chin Nam Rd, Singapore 599736

Opening hours : 24-hours everyday

6.) Power Nasi Lemak

I can totally remember those days , when i will ” Jio ” my friends and cycle to Boon lay market at night just to have Power Nasi Lemak. The signature at Power Nasi Lemak is definitely the SAMBAL , CHICKEN WINGS and THE QUEUE ! YESSSSSS! For some reason , there’s always queue no matter what time you go over ! So be prepared to queue when you are there but GOOD NEWS !!! Few months back , they actually comes out with ” Night Delivery ” with no minimum order , islandwide delivery and most importantly NO MORE QUEUES!!! However delivery charge applies $5 for Jurong area and $10 for area outside Jurong. I had tried ordering , and the nasi lemak is still home at my door steps ( SLURPPP )
Delivery hotline : 6266 4466 (6pm to 1.45am daily)
Address : #01-106, 221B Boon Lay Pl, Singapore 642221
Opening Hours : Tuesday to Sunday 6.30am to 3.30am

monday 4.30pm to 3.30am

7.) The Smookata Hotpot & BBQ

What’s a supper list without Mookata right ? So here it is ! Smookata is a pretty new establishment located at Clementi. We went to tried during their first week of opening , their meat marination is done so well that every piece of the meat is so satifsfying when consume. The most important thing about mookata will be the chilli sauce . Their Chilli sauce are handmade daily and we totally fell in love with it ! So head down and try if you haven’t or of you are a mookata lover . Won’t regret !
Address: Blk 727 Clementi West Street 2, 120727 Singapore

Opening Hours : Open daily from 5pm to 3am

8.) JW491 Frog Porridge

This stall is actually pretty unknown for people who don’t stay around the area but they serve really delicious frog leg porridge. Their frog leg is so well cooked in the thick gravy that goes perfectly with their porridge ! This place is the only reason why I don’t have to travel out of the west when I am craving for amphibian *grins
Address: Address: 491 Jurong West Avenue 1, 640491

Opening Hours : Open daily from 5.30pm to 3.30am

9.) Fei fei wanton mee

A favourtie supper place for NUS students . Located along Clemnti Road , just outside of NUS. Fei fei wanton mee sure attract a huge crowd from NUS and neighbour around. A simple bowl of wanton mee but taste so heavely ! I highly reccommend their wanton mee with black sauce with chilli !
Address: 18 Clementi Rd, Singapore 129747

Opening hours : Open daily 24 hours

10.) Happy hawker ( Ban Mian )

You know how you can find Ban Mian stall in nearly every coffeeshop nowadays ? How this stall at Happy hawkers really stand out is the broth is really homely , that will make you feel warm. Their ikan bilis is also so well fried that dunking it into your soup will make the whole thing so enjoyable !
Address : 632 Bukit Batok Central, Singapore 650632
Opening Hours : 24hours daily

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