McGriddles’ Comeback | 7th June 2018

What is McGriddles?

This breakfast sandwich combines a chicken patty, egg, cheese, & two sweet pancake buns. The pancakes actually taste like maple syrup!

So back in 2014, the item was discontinued…

We found this petition, signed by 571 individuals in 2015, to bring McGriddles back:

And guess what? It came back!

After being removed in 2014 then reinstated in 2016 and removed again after a few months till today… McGriddles machiam like having some lovers quarrel with McDonalds…

McDonalds, how Long u wanna drag out this love affair?!?! Faster propose to McGriddles and get married Liao la!! Maybe even have kids!!!?!

So earlier this week, Mcdonalds released a video on their (Singapore) Facebook Page:


Mai tu Liao and finally go order your Long-awaited McGriddles coming to McDonald’s outlets near you on 7th June 2018.

Wedding Bells are ringing… this time hope both of you get married and stay together happily ever after!