DamnWorthIt Signature A4 Wagyu Don ($26.90) at Kinsa Sushi Review!!


Today we discovered our new fave hangout for Jap food – without a doubt.

Presenting to you Kinsa Sushi:

Hiding behind dark glass windows on the second level of HillV2 Shopping Mall, this unassuming restaurant will quickly assume itself as one of your favourites.

And that’s because of this dish:

60 grams of Medium A4 Wagyu from Japan, refreshingly glazed with signature special sauce and topped with a wobbly onsen egg – what more could you ask for at the price of just $26.90?? No need queue for Tanuki Raw one ok.

This slice of Wagyu melts warmly in your mouth with immense flavour. No exaggerations hor. Mix it together with the delightful sushi rice = maximum enjoyment.

Another reason you will start popping by HillV2 regularly is due to these rolls… (of maki, not belly fat I mean)

Mentaiko is hard not to love, no? and THIS mentaiko is top notch.

This is the Kinsa Roll – Purple Rice Maki with Aburi Salmon Mentai @ just $16.90.

 There’s a reason why this other maki (below) is called Black Beauty – rolled with purple rice, just like whole grains but also containing a large amount of Anthocyanin Antioxidants (typically found in blueberries and blackberries),  it combats heart disease, cancer, and hmm probably ageing as well!!!

Lovely presentation too.

These rolls burst in your mouth with all the umami you’ll ever live for. (Black Beauty @ $15.90)

Some of the purple rice – kinda reminds me of juicy little jewels:Fall in love with this bowl of Kinsa Chirashi with Wagyu ($29.90). Wagyu, Salmon Belly, Salmon Roe, Red prawn, Yellowtail, Swordfish, Amberjack, Tuna, and Tamago – all atop the most beautiful purple rice.

All very fresh and tender cuts.

Last but not least, you won’t want to forget this sinful dish that is DamnWorthIt on a cheat day for your diet –

KON’NICHIWA!! Just look at that thick gravy of you know, Salted Egg yolk creamily oozing over some hot crispy Soft Shell Crab ($13.90 for a generous portion). And yes, the soft shell crab is meaty and fragrant too.

Just a lovely photo of our spread.

Time to make friends with our very bubbly waitress, can you spot her?

She’s coming over with our Wagyu Don and Chirashi Bowl!

Simply reach out into her tummy to retrieve your sumptuous meal.


Kinsa Sushi

4 Hillview Rise #02-02

Singapore 667979

Mon to Fri:  1130h – 1500h & 1730h – 2200h

Sat, Sun & PH:   1130h – 2200h

For Delivery: kinsasushi.oddle.me

Written by Jean @DamnWorthIt Foodie!