Ladyboy | Steamboat & Mookata Cheese

Ladyboy is one of the first Mookata Restaurants to combine thai style BBQ, cheese dips, and egg dips! With these 3-in-1 convenience and shiokness factor, no wonder its reservations are almost always full! Even today, it was full house till 10:30pm!

6 Types of Cheese

  1. Ladyboy Cheese
  2. Golden Salted Egg Cheese
  3. Tom Yum Cheese
  4. Peri Peri Cheese
  5. Mayo Cheese
  6. Mozzarella Cheese

Out of the 6 types of cheese, choose 2 from the top 5, and Ladyboy will add Mozzarella Cheese onto 1 of the 2! I’ve tried Ladyboy Cheese and Golden Salted Egg Cheese! Ladyboy Cheese complements almost all kinds of meat and seafood while Golden Salted Egg Cheese with Mozzarella is extremely shiok after it is burnt from the heat!

Last but not least, Ladyboy’s hotplate provides you with korean style steam eggs too! Have your eggs scrambled or fried by cooking it longer!

Drinks & Cooked Food

Though seemingly lacking is its variety of drinks, its Thai Milk Tea and Thai Green Milk Tea are both must tries because unlike other restaurants, Ladyboy’s Milk Teas are thick and not diluted at all!

As for the cooked food, must try their salted egg yolk chicken as it is very fragrant! Do take it fast because it is quickly gone from the tray.


The Ladyboy Chili is really spicy and shiok while the Thai Seafood Chili is sweet!

Meat & Seafood

Some of the DAMN WORTH IT meats are Ladyboy lamb rack, pork belly, Ladyboy chicken, pork belly shabu, bacon wrapped enoki! Its lamb rack does not have any stench at all and is quite tender! Flame the pork belly longer for the chargrilled taste!

Buffets that include seafood is good. But Ladyboy not only has basic seafood, it also provides free flow crayfish, mermaid prawns, spicy baby octopus, salmon, scallop, and baby lobsters (aka crawfish)! It even has fish roe balls and sea urchin balls! I can’t find any reason why for the price it charges, HOW IS THIS NOT DAMN WORTH IT?!

Steamboat Hotpot – Yuan Yang

Add $5 per pair to get a personal yuan yang steamboat of red tom yum and chicken soup, strictly for maximum 2 pax.


Another DAMN WORTH IT deal is that from 30th June to 31st July, beers are going at $1 per pax (maximum only 1 bottle per pax though)! Beer with mooka-cheese is just shiok shiok shiok! There is no where else you can find beer this cheap with ala-carte buffet!


Mondays to Thursdays: $29.90 NET for Adults, $15.90 NET for Children.
Fridays to Sundays/ Eve & PH: $32.90 NET for Adults, $15.90 for Children.

For the vast variety of choices and quality of food, Ladyboy is DAMN WORTH IT!

WARNING: Do make reservations in advance to avoid disappointments.

Address: Lorong 40, 644 Geylang Road, Singapore 389574
Opening Hours: 6pm – 2am daily
Reservations: Call 9062 6953

Written by Maisie Liu – Damn Worth It Foodie