Jumbo-sized Seafood Shiokness @ 7th Mile Seafood @ Bukit Timah Review!!

Oh gosh, recently really having goodfoodeveryday haha. Nonetheless this seafood hangout seriously has got to be one of my faves.

Seafood lovers, you HAVE to bring your loved ones here to try. Family dinner or one-man-style, this really must try.

7th Mile Seafood is located at 7th Mile Coffee Shop, right in the heart of Bukit Timah at Toh Yi Drive

This place serves damn atas standard seafood in coffee-shop style, AND Jumbo-sized! This is in fact a clear resounding win over Jumbo Seafood restaurant.

Jiangsu-born head chef Deng Yan once served up the ultimate Crab Bee Hoon at Ming Kee Live Seafood years ago before returning to China for a duration– and he is now back in SG at 7th Mile Seafood serving up the seafood dishes of your dreams.

This Crab with Bee Hoon (seasonal price) speaks for itself.

Meat is sweeeeet.

And this deep fried crab… is seriously gigantic.

Jumbo crab claws galore!!!

And the crisp outside has the loveliest flavor.

From 25th May to 24th June – the crabs are going for $60 a kg! Big on flavor and quality a 1.5kg crab will cost just $90 ish.  Compared to say Jumbo seafood or the large restaurant chains that charge about $80 per kg after GST. Here’s it’s like $60 a kg and no gst?! Only for dine-ins tho.

Red Mediterranean Prawns are THE BEST PRAWNS I’ve had in my life. No joke. And I’m NOT a prawn lover to start with.

And the noodles are better than home-cooked, I can order one whole plate eat myself!!

The head is arguably the best part, oozing RED ??jelly??!!

Also, arguably the darker the color, the more intense the flavor. And this prawn truly fulfills that hypothesis.

Look at how Jumbo-sized this is!!!

Another dish close to my heart are these Steamed Prawns piled upon mounds of Golden Garlic ($18).

The garlic zhap is soooo buttery & flavorful.

Prawns are large and sibei juicy.

I would honestly come back just to eat the prawns.

But this Squid with Golden Garlic dish ($18), also piled with the same garlic zhap, is delish as well.

Fresh squid.

I also don’t really fancy Ngoh Hiang hae zhor, BUT this giant seafood Ngoh Hiang seriously takes the cake.

When you bite in, it seriously oozes fragrant juices, and chestnut crunch. It’s XXL size lol, just like every other thing here mostly.

Price is 5pcs for $12, 7pcs for $18 and 10 for $24.

Literally poured the glaze sauce all over!!

Not to forget these large, smokingly crispy glazed 7th Mile Pork Ribs ($16)!!

Tender to the max.

7th Mile Seafood (at 7th Mile Coffeeshop)

Address: Blk 18 Toh Yi Drive #01-97 (S) 590018

Opening Hours:
Daily 10:30am to 2:30pm, 4:30pm to 10pm

Written by Jean @Damnworthit Foodie!