$19.90nett Blaze & Glaze Seafood/Meat Hotpot Buffet + Free-Flow Beer(++) @Chinatown Review

Craving for hotpot buffet with your friends after work but don’t wanna wrestle with the evening crowd? (HINT: +++ FREE-FLOW BEER.)

Don’t need queue long queue at Suki-Ya or Shabu Sai anymore, just make your way to this secluded mall called Havelock2 next to Chinatown MRT.At $19.90nett, I believe we’ve found just the most wu-hua hotpot buffet called Blaze & Glaze, serving up fresher portions of seafood and meat than any $19.90 hotpot buffet I’ve tried (do $19.90nett hotpot buffets even exist?!).

They have 4 broths to choose from – Matcha Dashi, Spicy, Miso, and Shoyu. We liked Miso and Shoyu the best. Miso soup is good for those that 会喝汤喝到饱的 because it will become sweet with umami after boiling ingredients for a while.

The meat they serve is good!! Not like those kiam siap or frozen until your tastebuds get frostbite kind. We got the Shabu Pork Collar, Shabu Beef, Sliced Chicken, and Chicken Meat Wings. Luncheon meat available for Luncheon meat fans too. Pork liver also nubbad.

And um just look at the Scallop?? One of the few times I actually go for second and third scallop servings at a buffet leh.

Prawns are peeled for you by the way, and a good size.

Hello flower crab!!

Good selection of veggie too, corn, assorted mushrooms, xiao bai cai, tomato, corn… and I know Egg Tofu is not a veggie but Loves!! Such a comfort food.

Not to forget 90mins of Free-Flow Bottled Heineken for $18, and their Free-Flow Draft Beer (a refreshing beer that prompted a thumbs up from us!) on tap @ $24, only available with the buffet!! 

***Take note: Buffet only available 5pm to 9pm from Mon to Sat, closed on Sun.

Side note: Love the service too!!

Blaze & Glaze


01-01 Havelock II, 2 Havelock Road S059763

Tel: 6532 2714

 By Jean @ Damnworthit Foodie!