Recently, a durian product has been trending, especially when it contains no pork/lard. Many of you have heard of pengat, a sweet nyonya dessert of yam, banana and sweet potato cooked in coconut milk and palm sugar. But have you heard of DURIAN pengat? Instead of the usual ingredients, real D24 durian flesh is used with gula melaka, pandan and coconut milk. The recipe is also a secret, which the supplier refused to reveal. Afterall, his mother was the hero behind this recipe.

Introducing Deadly Seduction (Premium Durian Pengat, 300 grams, $14.80) – which contains up to 80% D24 durian flesh! With no addition of custard or cream, the robust flavour and thick texture came from the fruit itself. 

There is a tinge of sweetness from the gula melaka with every mouthful, but the topping of ladyfinger biscuits and D24 flesh mellow the sweetness to a good balance. Ladyfinger biscuits are sponge biscuits that resemble thin delicate fingers of a lady, spongey in the centre yet a little crisp on the edges. For those who have yet to try this “deadly” addictive dessert, you got to try it at least once!

Next up, another popular durian product is the Premium D24 in a Jar (300 grams, $15.80)! Only real D24 durian flesh is used for the entire jar. Durian fanatics have gone crazy over this, especially when durians are extremely hard to get this circuit breaker period.

Both of these products contain zero preservatives and artificial flavours/colours. Store them in the freezer whenever you are not eating them, but cool them for at least 20 minutes before consumption for ultimate enjoyment. You may get them at Frozen & Co: https://frozenandco.com/collections/wont-regret. You may purchase of 6 of the durian jars for only $88.80 with free delivery! 

These are also awesome gifts to your parents, neighbours and even muslim friends. Of course, leave a few jars for yourself, because it will be gone in no time. I assure you that you won’t be able to stop at first bite! The online frozen food store proclaimed that none of the durian buyers have said that any of these aren’t GREAT at all. If you buy only a jar, you will regret it. You don’t buy at all? CONFIRM REGRET YOUR WHOLE LIFE!