Changi Nasi Lemak and The Legendary Changi Chilli – The Best Mix

This 2 Decades Old Changi Nasi Lemak is known best for their legendary chilli & fragrant coconut rice

Nasi Lemak has been an iconic dish in Singapore dating all the way in the 1970s. In Singapore, nasi lemak is a notable Malay dish, and is acknowledged as an important part of Singapore’s food heritage. You can never go wrong with a plate of hot coconut rice, crispy chicken wing, sambal chilli and the list goes on!

If you are looking for something of history, this is a stall you should look out for!


The Original Chinese Style Changi Nasi Lemak. Changi Nasi Lemak is one of the oldest nasi lemak brand in S’pore, started in 1970s before taking a break. Now they are making their comeback with some modern tweaks! Most renowned for their legendary chilli and the unique lasting fragrance of the coconut rice.


The selection of what you can have is straightforward, going from the classic chicken wings, sunny side up to their modern addition like braised pork belly, mala fish fillet to suit the new generation tastebuds.


Each packet of nasi lemak on their delivery platforms ranges from $5.50 onwards such as their standard fish fillet set meal which comes with a fish fillet, sunny side up, fried anchovies & legendary Changi chili with a piece of cucumber.


The rice is aromatic, resonating with flavours of the coconut milk. Mix the rice with a spoonful of their legendary chilli and enjoy the savoury combination. The chilli really brought the whole nasi lemak to another notch of level.  I would describe the chilli as mild in terms of spiciness but it comes with a tinge of umami that sprouts from the onions that are used to create this chilli.


Like any ordinary nasi lemak, these are some of the classic ingredients you can find (Chicken wing, fish fillet, sunny side-up). Personally I love a sunny side-up that’s done so perfectly with it’s yolk oozing onto the fragrant rice.


The owner had shared briefly with me on how the history of this Changi Nasi Lemak came about. His great grandparents used to run a Chinese style Nasi lemak & they named it Changi Nasi Lemak because his great parents used to reside around the area. They were one of the few Chinese style Nasi lemak back then. They relocated to Bukit Batok because his family tree has relocated to Bukit Batok over the years. Though it has been years, their legendary Changi chilli was still very much sought after.

Their coconut rice had a secret recipe to it to ensure the extra fragrance and to keep it fragrant even after the rice sits for some time.

They are now making a comeback with the current owner and his Dad to relive the legend of this Changi Nasi Lemak brand. Adding some modern twist to it, we were amazed by how well some of the innovative ingredient can go well with nasi lemak. For example, the mala fish was one of my top favourite. The numbness and spiciness is enough to perk up the whole nasi lemak experience.

Due to this current COVID-19 situation, they are having an islandwide-delivery! Changi Nasi Lemak are doing delivery on both GrabFood and FoodPanda and it’s available from 9am-2.45pm while walk in is available from 7am-3pm. Also, if you’re walking in, their price is approx 30% discounted!


Changi Nasi Lemak

Operating hour 7am to 3pm, Tuesday to Sunday.

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Delivery options Foodpanda, Grabfood (Islandwide)