First ever online grocery store that delivers balloon flowers!

Recently, there are more and more online grocery stores popping out as an increasing number of  Singaporeans are cooking more often during this circuit breaker period. Many people have also moved towards home-base sales in hope to gain more income too. Some home-based items include cakes, snacks and handmade items such as flower bouquets and DIY gifts.

Frozen & Co has been known for selling unique frozen food that can’t be easily found in conventional supermarkets on an online platform. Coming from a balloon-fanatic background, the owner of Frozen & Co didn’t let his passion for hand-making balloons cease during this quiet season. He gave his online grocery store’s customers a choice to bless their loved ones with more than just necessities. Other than ordering groceries for their family and friends, they can surprise them with a Sunflower bouquet or a 10-flower bouquet at the same time!

Using his expertise, Wai Hoe decided to create 2 different bouquets to encourage people to appreciate those who matter to them during this difficult time! First, the Sunflower Bouquet Balloon ($19.90) would be the most suitable gift to cheer your girlfriend up when she misses seeing you after so long. 

As you can see, the size of the Sunflower Bouquet Balloon is comparable to a 99-roses (the kind that you give to impress during Valentine’s Day). With a donut-looking sunflower, you bet that your girlfriend will be able to receive the ultimate sweetness of your thought!

Or, if you want to appreciate your mother or sister while sending groceries to them, you may go for the 10-Flowers Bouquet Balloon. It looks less cheesy yet pleasant enough to put a smile on their face! Afterall, Mother’s Day and Sibling’s Day can be any other day too!

Better still, if you have friends who work in the healthcare sector. Everyone in the healthcare sector is working their hardest right now, which is why they needed the most encouragement this season! Give them your moral support by surprising them with either one of the bouquets, I’m pretty sure that will motivate them in the long run. 

As a way to give back to our healthcare workers, for every bouquet delivered to a hospital, delivery will be FREE! Simply private message Frozen & Co’s Facebook page to inform them and they will create a special order for you. So, order away to bless the healthcare workers and let Frozen & Co deliver the flowers for you! <3

Frozen & Co seems to be the only online grocery store that offers flower bouquets in balloon form!

To be honest, I rather receive flower balloons than actual flower bouquets since it doesn’t stink nor withers after a few days. And they really do look cute too! Whoever you wish to bless, it is the thought that counts. Send this handmade balloon to them to make their day today!

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