Shop frozen groceries, directly from the supplier’s warehouse

28 year old owner Balloonist-turned-Entrepreneur partnered with 2 others created “Frozen & Co” to support a traditional supplier during this Covid-19 crisis.

With the experienced supplier who has been in the industry for more than 20 years, Frozen & Co  became an up and rising online grocery store for frozen food. 

The factor that differentiates Frozen & Co from other mainstream supermarkets and online grocery stores is that it sells unique items at a really affordable price. I’ve broken down the price comparison for what Frozen & Co is known for.

Frozen Seafood: 

Fairprice Giant Cold Storage Frozen & Co
King Black Tiger Prawns (1kg) $28.80 (10-12 smaller prawns) $35
Salmon Fillet (1kg) $21.20 (but don’t have this quantity, max 800 grams) $21.90 (with 42% discount) $27.92 (with 26% discount) $25.50


If you follow Frozen & Co’s social media platforms (IG: @ask.frozenco), you know that its regulars have often raved about its HUMONGOUS Black Tiger King Prawns. Personally, I’ve used it for hotpot once, and its flesh tasted so sweet, fresh and firm that I thought it resembles the texture of a lobster. To be honest, I could not find this size (25 cm long) anywhere else. The closest comparison I could find is from Fairprice, but Fairprice’s size of each prawn is way smaller.

As for boneless salmon fillet, I couldn’t find any that sell 1kg worth of salmon fillet, but I manage to find salmon steaks whereby the supermarket has portioned them according to weight. 1kg of salmon serves 4-6 people. What Frozen & Co aims to do is to provide large quantities of frozen food to customers who cook often, so that they can store for long and cook as and when they need.

Frozen Meat: 

Fairprice Giant Cold Storage Frozen & Co
Whole Chicken (1kg) $4.65 $3.95 $4 $4.20
Minced Pork (2kg) $18.80 (but don’t have this quantity, max 500 grams) $18.40 $41.80 $14.90
Smoked Duck (200 grams) $5.50
Marinated Green Curry Chicken (500 grams) $9.90
Marinated Sesame Chicken (500 grams) $9.90


In general, Giant Supermarket has always been known for its cheaper price for most items, so this outcome is not surprising to me. From this table, I’ve concluded a few truths. In terms of pricing, Frozen & Co is still very competitive, relying on the fact that it is the only wholesale grocery store that sells frozen meat as much as 2kg. This gives security to customers who fear the lack of food to cook at home due to panic buys each time the Prime Minister updates about the Circuit Breaker.

In addition, Frozen & Co seems to know what young Singaporeans crave for (for example mookata marinated meats and smoked duck) but all these are really hard to find in conventional supermarkets. 

Finger Food:

Fairprice Giant Cold Storage Frozen & Co
Spring Roll (1.44kg) $15.30 (but don’t have this quantity, max 400 grams) $16.70 (but don’t have this quantity, max 400 grams) $20.60 (but don’t have this quantity, max 180 grams) $13.50
Samosa (1.92kg) $23.40 (but don’t have this quantity, max 300 grams) $17.85 (but don’t have this quantity, max 500 grams) $13.50
Spicy Wedges Fries (2.5kg) $9.50 (but don’t have this quantity, max 1 kg) $14.60 (but don’t have this quantity, max 900 grams) $21.75 $14.80


Finger food has always been a saviour to young mothers to pacify their children as they spend more time together this period. Therefore, purchasing large amounts of finger food at one go just proves to be a value-add at this time. And since these can be stored when not in use, buying such a large quantity will be more cost-saving in the long run.

So far, I’ve been pretty impressed by Frozen & Co’s ridiculously attractive pricing. Have you heard of 96 spring rolls for only $13.50?! That’s less than 15 cent per mini spring roll!!

Frozen Dessert:

Fairprice Giant Cold Storage Frozen & Co
Tutti Fruity Ice Cream $5.50
Premium Durian Pengat $14.80


Moving on to frozen desserts, this is the most exciting section for me because of its unique selections. Tutti Fruity Ice Cream is similar to your old school childhood rainbow ice cream BUT just that it has gummy bears within!!! If this doesn’t arouse your curiosity, I don’t know what will! You can never find this in conventional supermarkets! 

Last but not least, pengat are great halal desserts. Although Frozen & Co’s Premium Durian Pengat isn’t halal-certified, it contains no pork and lard. For durian lovers, this is a must-buy! Especially when Hari Raya is near, this would be the best gift to give to your loved ones! The moment you open the lid, the strong durian fragrance fills the room instantly. The durian pengat was really robust and creamy with the topping of ladyfingers biscuits! Truly a luscious heaven-in-your-mouth indulgence!

After my detailed research about Frozen & Co, there is really almost nothing to pick on when its prices are so affordable and the frozen food options are unique and relevant to this circuit breaker period. I believe we all are quite sick and tired of what to eat and cook every now and then. It’s as though the circuit breaker has squeezed our brain cells dry when it comes to “what should I cook next?” and all the ideas have been exhausted. Allow Frozen & Co to make cooking and purchasing much easier when it offers interesting ingredients and delightful desserts that make your work-from-home or home-base-learning more enjoyable. 

Occasionally, Frozen & Co offers $1 sale items (the last I saw was $1 beef steaks!!!) and it is having a delivery promotion right now. For orders below $80, you only need to pay an addition of $6.99 for delivery. For orders above $80 (which is not difficult to hit if you cook almost everyday), delivery is free! Regardless if you are living with your kids, parents or just your spouse, there is something for you at Frozen & Co. Click on to shop away now~