Floating Beer Can Cakes are a thing now

Never underestimate how important cakes are to mark celebratory milestones, remember how circuit breaker came fast and furious for home businesses just prior to mother’s day, and when home bakers were not allowed to operate during hari raya . While some of us found new talents baking up a storm this circuit breaker, others can now heave a sigh of relief that bakeries are back in business .

Now: Perhaps we can agree that we all have that friend who has it all – you name it, they have it. There’s no need for more material goods and gifts, and in this instance a gift of an experience/ surprise is perhaps best. Alot of parents shy away from accepting gifts from their kids too , so what’s one to do for them? Well gift them delicious gravity defying cake, or a money pulling cake – tonnes of fun (not to mention a blessing to give and to receive!) and great photo ops.


I don’t know about you but I certainly want my cake less sweet so it’s good news when I heard Bob the Baker Boy helmed by Mayee serves up healthier delectable cakes that are 30-50% lower in sugar than regular cakes. Do I dare venture to #yishun then? *snigger* I reckon there is no need to – because there is delivery.

Their 6 inch gravity defying beer can cake starts from $138 . Well worth the effort that goes into making one of these if you asked me , I’ve seen customize cakes going from $300 to even $1000 at other bakeries.

I once had a friend who customized a barchormee cake for her husband’s birthday – dare I ask how much she paid for it? lol.  And on another note when is someone going to gift me a money pull cake?

I want to feel the joy haha

Here’s BTBB’s version of a cute noodle cake. I wouldn’t mind  an ichiran version, but I do love indomie! They even have a maggi mee version for that noodle addict friend of yours.  Complete with chilli and even the packaging pack hahah.
Thoughtful as they are: there’s a section on their website called “last minute cakes” where one can check for the same-day/ next-day deliveries via calling+65-88623327 / +65-94994015 prior to ordering!

Their cake flavors sound pretty appealing, from your staple like belgian chocolate, to honey yuzu nata de coco, lemon strawberry, cookies and cream and more.

We recommend you order at least  2 days in advance for standard cakes and pastries. Or perhaps 5-10days ahead for customized cakes.

Other cool stuff they have are mini tartlets,  nutella lava brownies, lactation cookies / molten lava cookies! Quite a list really. If you don’t qualify for free delivery just add a couple of these small treats in and you’ll hit the $150 to enjoy free delivery.

Bob the Baker Boy is located at :
Junction 9
18 Yishun Ave 9, #02-19 Junction Nine Shopping Mall, Singapore 768897
Free delivery on orders above $150
Website: https://bobthebakerboy.com/ Email: hellobobthebakerboy@gmail.com