Your Very Treatz Swiss Rolls, Cheesecakes, and more!

If you are into soft, fat, and fluffy cakes and stay around Jurong area, do consider trying these after dinner “sweet treatz” by Your Very Treatz!

Your Very Treatz has a wide range of sweets ranging from swiss rolls, cheese cakes, butter cakes, to Kueh Lapis, as well as cookies.

We tried their Swiss Rolls – with a variety of flavours to choose from, these cakes are light, fat, and fluffy, and especially adorable! Just look at that cute strawberry print!

These aren’t too sweet and are generally for those with a lighter palate. There is Matcha, Mango, Charcoal Milk, Pandan, Red Velvet, and Strawberry, amongst the many flavours to choose from.

Also, their Original Light Cheese Cake is as light and fluffy as it sounds! Especially made for those who love cheese without it being too heavy on the palate, this Cheesecake is perfect as a light after-dinner dessert, or a tea-time snack (breakfast sounds like a good idea too if you are one of us foodies who live and breathe desserts!) They even have Matcha and Chocolate flavours for those of us who may be craving an extra twist of flavour in their sweet treats.

They do have a wide variety to choose from, so do visit their Facebook or website for more information on ongoing promotions and updates on sumptuous new Treatz such as their Mango Yoghurt Cheese Cake!


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24 Jurong Port Road,
#01-03, Singapore 619097