Braseiro’s Steak and Free Flow Fries Heaven!!

“Every day, millions of plants are killed by vegetarians. Help stop the violence. Eat steaks.”

Quote by Braseiro, a cozy shophouse serving flame-grilled steak that will confirm plus chop make you salivate!! If you are like us one of those big eaters who love quality PLUS quantity, this is a must-try.

Opened by a French couple, apparently this is typical casual french cuisine and is enjoyed on a regular basis by them back home!

For a DamnWorthIt price of just $19.90, satisfy your red meat cravings with free flow handmade French-fries and fresh salad at Braseiro! 

Here is your DamnWorthIt guide to experience some unforgettable meaty chills:

Step 1

Choose your ideal dining atmosphere because there are two storeys, with an alfresco rooftop garden perfect for a romantic evening. Contemplate on whether you would like some drinks and wine as well which are available on their menu!

Step 2

Whet your appetite with this appetizing semi-toasted bread dipped in maximum level 1000 cheesy cheese! (Fondue de Camembert) Slightly stinky, this generously sticky chewy cheesy dish is for bold-hearted cheese lovers to dip and twirl their bread around in to their delight.

If you are one of those special ones that can tahan this kind of atas cheese, feel free to lick the pungent yummy gooeyness off the plate whilst your loved ones watch in awe. 🙂

Step 3

Get ready to stuff yourself with this tok-kong quality meat – take your pick between Ribeye Steak, Beef Skewers, or a Half-Chicken. With skin cooked to a crisp and basted in herbs, the half-chicken was done in a reminiscently healthy home-cooked style.  K lah, chicken is healthier than red meat right?

Of course, steak is the star!!! Sprinkled with salt and pepper to marinate, steak here is flavourful with a playful bouncy chewiness. Here is the Ribeye Steak which touched our foodie hearts the most:

Yup, your hardcore steak lovers here had our red meat flame-grilled to Medium Rare! You can smell the fresh red meaty smell before you pop it in, not exactly melt-in-your-mouth but more towards bold texture and juiciness.

Beef skewers were generously thick, might be a little tough for the soft-hearted:

Feel free to pair with their lovingly selected sauces of Chipotle, Mustard, etc to your preference. We heard that the Chipotle (bbq?) sauce was from Columbia, one of our eating styles is to drown our steak (and fries) in it because we think it is better than Singapore Mcdonald’s BBQ sauce ok!!

Step 4

Completely immerse yourself in a sea of these fries:

Just kidding! (no la just leave some space for dessert!!!) These hand-cut fries were literally potatoes sitting in the back of the kitchen minutes before they were double deep-fried to crisp galore. Authentically left with the skin on, these are nutritiously rich and delish! You can feel and taste the fresh potato mush when you bite into the crisp almost crunchy skin, really one of the more unique fries in sg liao. Kind of reminds me of Mcdonald’s curly fries hmm but this is nicer and healthier leh.

For triple shiok-ness, try these fries dribbled in all three different toppings:

Truffle parmesan, nachos cheese, or sticky gooey maximum level cheese!

Don’t forget to have some free flow salad!! (Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, etc)

If you are too satiated to move from your seat anymore, but are still craving for some mandatory sweetness to end off, have a refreshing lactose/gluten-free fruity popsicle or poptail! 

For more information or bookings:

Located at:

333 Joo Chiat Road,Singapore 427588

Opening Hours (flexible):

MON.– FRI. 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
SAT. & SUN. 11:00 am – 3:00 pm & 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm