Traditional 30 years old Tiong Bahru Yong Tao Hu Review!

This traditional Yong Tao Hu Stall makes EVERYTHING from scratch!

They are a whopping 30 years old. Situated at Tiong Bahru Estate, they have JUST undergone a major revamp!!

Super clean and white feel, pristine marble tiles, and the very “Huat” red text “TIONG BAHRU YONG TAO HU”.

Run as a family business, they have been cooking up their secret Yong Tao Hu recipe for years, HAND – making ALL ingredients FRESH on a daily basis. They start work early at 7am!

So we tried their Yong Tao Hu Beehoon Soup, Beehoon Dry, and Ingredients Soup. All are priced at $5 for regular portions and $7 for larger portions. 

Their Yong Tao Hu ingredients are by default already selected for you – they include this 1000level max crispy and fresh Tao Kee:

This damn fragrant and crispy on outside juicy on the inside Tao Kua:

And this super flavorful Tao Hu, with just the right tenderness when you bite, not starchy at all!! Perfect.

Their traditional Ke-Jia style of Yong Tao Hu is seriously a MUST TRY.

Soup is really really fresh and fragrant I cannot emphasize this enough!

Lunch crowd is already at its peak with queues from end to end of the stall. Luckily we missed it hehe. Menu here:

They own the entire outlet, so they also have two other stalls, one is the Drinks stall which also serves breakfast Toast sets with Kopi/Teh/etc and eggs, the standard kind. And one yet to open… perhaps we will visit again for some sneak peeks!!

The Lao Ban Niang is a lovely lady, explaining excitedly about how they have run their business and asked us concernedly about how we find the food. And our answer is “Damn Shiok and Damn Worth It!!”

Tiong Bahru Yong Tao Hu

#01-46, 56 Eng Hoon Street,

Singapore 160056
Written by Jean @Damnworthit Foodie!