Tang’s Chicken Pot (City Square Mall) Review

Are you a fan of Chinese food?

LOOK NO FURTHER. Here they serve authentic Chinese dishes promising to surprise your palette. Let me bring you along some of the dishes we tried.

This dish is called Tang’s Hulu Chicken

It really WOW-ed me. The chicken was crispy to the point where i could enjoy the wing tip like a piece of chicken biscuit. AND YET, the meat was moist and tender thus crowning it my favourite amongst all else.

To fully enjoy this dish, you have to dab on their own-made spices. This mixture of spices is mildly salty with a hint of spiciness to it. Truly complimentary to the flavors of the chicken.

Spicy Chicken Hotpot

Moving on, this would be their specialty signature dish, Spicy Chicken Hotpot.  There are a variety of ingredients inside this pot of goodness. You could even add on ingredients such as pork belly, fish slices and many more for additional charges. The broth is really rich and flavourful. Personally, I feel that the broth can be a little spicier but you could always ask the staff to “加辣” (ADD SPICY).

Besides their Chicken Hotpot, they do serve other types of hotpots such as Pig Stomach Hotpot, Herbal Chicken Hotpot, Pickled Vegetable Fish Hotpot and Spicy Fish Hotpot. This hotpot could be shared amongst 2-3 person. Definitely recommended especially if you’re coming in big groups.

Biang Biang Noodles

This dish certainly has a unique name: Biang Biang Noodles. It’s one of the broadest noodles I’ve actually seen and the texture is really chewy. Kind of like ‘Al-dente’ but in Chinese style. And they use fresh dough daily.

Dry Wok Potato Slice

It was really delicious as well. The potato slices were cooked to perfection and coated with the flavours from the spices. It’s a comfort food that goes really well with white rice on its own. MUST TRY.

Tang’s Express

Address: 180 Kitchener Rd, #04-18 S(208539)

Tel: 6636 9128

Opens Daily from 11am-10pm (9.30pm Last Order)