Shangpin Hotpot – Exclusive New Dishes (only at Marina Square)

When Hai Di Lao (HDL) was trending, Shangpin Hotpot was already my alternative go-to Chinese Hotpot because it is more affordable for its decent portion and quality of food variety. After operating for 3 years, Shangpin opened a second outlet in April 2018 at Marina Square with a few more sophisticated service facilities (including a play area for kids and machines to help diners get rid of the hotpot smell after dining).

4 exclusive new dishes were researched and created – keep reading to prevent missing out on the good deal (includes free dish) ahead! Before diving into the new dishes, this relatively new outlet has Chicken and Pig Stomach Soup Base – which I fell in love with at first taste because it is rich in local peppery pig stomach soup flavour with decent amount of pig stomach served in the soup.

Firstly – one of the four new dishes is the Fried Streaky Pork (五花肉).

The dish looks really plain but turned out to be really addictive – savoury and chewy on its own.

Dipping it into the Mala Soup drenched the fried exterior while its added-spicy taste complemented the softened texture. Adding the salt-and-pepper powder made the entire dish a Sichuan classic. The lardy flavour was very fragrant and sinful. I don’t think anyone can stop this indulgent.

Secondly – it is the interesting Egg Tofu.

This is one interesting new dish! You either love or dislike it. It is actually egg white; but because they slightly braised the white before shaping into toufu-like, some say it tastes similar to 茶叶蛋 (egg boiled with flavorings which may include black tea). To me, it just tastes like a very firm egg white-tofu.

Thirdly – Taupok with fish paste filling.

This is the dish I know that most kids would love. Tasty and chewy fish paste within adds texture and flavour to the spongy beancurd skin.

Squishy and squashy after you cook them in your favourite soup base; be careful to not scald your tongue as they absorb the liquid really well. It is as juicy as you expect it to be. I love it when I get to squeeze the soupy juices out on my staple.

Lastly, it is the Squid Ink Dumpling.

Expect a mild squid ink broth juicing out of the skin. Quite an interesting creation to behind with. Definitely worth a try.

Moving on to the good news! After watching our video here, you can get a free dish out of the five (I highly recommend the Fried Streaky Pork) for a limited time only! Definitely damn worth it so don’t let this chance slip past before the deal ends!

Directions – it wasn’t easy finding the restaurant as Marina Square can be quite confusing for ignorant individuals like me. Hope the following pictorial directions help you in locating Shangpin Hot Pot!

Under “The Dining Edition” section, keep walking straight until you see a colorful spacious play area for kids.

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square  #02-102, Singapore 039594 (Deal is only valid at this outlet)
Operating Hours: 11am – 12pm daily ( last order at 11pm)
Reservations: 6565 7666

Written by Maisie Liu – Damn Worth It Foodie