Hao Lai Wu FREE-FLOW Seafood Steamboat & BBQ Buffet in town!

This is probably the CHEAPEST FREE-FLOW Seafood Steamboat & BBQ Buffet in town!

Tastefully chosen interior design and decor, some art pieces are even created by the lovely Lao Ban Niang herself!!

And what a smorgasbord of food to choose from…

A wide variety of vegetables and meat!

Exceptionally delicious both ways – BBQed or Hotpot style!

All the meats are fresh and wonderfully seasoned with umami flavours, and some are pretty special, like sweet red meat reminiscent of Char Siew – akin to thick-cut Pork Belly Char Siew… LOVESS.

And what makes this steamboat stand out is the pot that they use:

Made from a special material, it disperses heat well and feels warm the touch. No more accidental scalds!! It reportedly releases beneficial minerals slowly into the soup as well!!!

They even do up a wonderfully unique omelette roll – this is a MUST TRY.

Don’t forget to drench your meat in CHEESE. FREE-FLOW.

And stop by their ice-cream station for some photogenic ice-cream!!!


With the lovely lady boss:

– Dinner at $20.80+ (Exclusive for Damn Worth It Viewers ONLY!)
– Promotion until 30 Sep’18
– Like & Share when billing to enjoy this special offer

Buffet available from 11:30AM to 3AM

-FLOW Items
1) Meat (Pork, Beef Slices, Chicken Cutlet, Char Siew)
2) Seafood (Crab, Prawn, Scallops, Mussels)
3) Cook-Food (Sichuan Dishes, Deep Fried Man Tou, French Fries)
4) Vegetables (Sweetcorn, Mushrooms, Yam)
5) Noodles (Spinach Noodle, Mee Sua, Ramen)

Top up $6 for any of the 6 Soup Bases:
1) Nutritious Mushroom
2) ChengDu Spicy (Mala)
3) Secret Recipe Pork Bone
4) Thai Tom Yam
5) Herbal Nourishing
6) Healthy Tomato

Hao Lai Wu Steamboat & BBQ 好来屋火锅烧烤餐厅
Outlet 1 (as seen in the vid):
Burlington Square, 175 Bencoolen St, #01-57 S189649 (Rochor MRT Exit A)

Tel: 67320816

Outlet 2:
No. 6 & 8 Sago Street S059012
Tel: 62210065

Opens: 11:30am to 3am Daily