New Teck Kee Chicken Rice Launched NEW Chicken Floss with Garlic Rice Balls!

We have seen chicken rice balls when we were younger, but it is fast-disappearing because it requires much more effort to do the extra step of rolling and shaping cooked rice into balls.

Yong Shen from New Teck Kee Chicken Rice wanted to bring his childhood back to life. He spent months exploring rice balls, went around the local scene to try all the rice balls available, experimented and finally found a way to perfect it.

Instead of adding more water to cook the rice to obtain more moisture to make the balls stick together longer, he challenged himself to make the rice balls out of the usual rice. He believes in keeping the quality of the rice more than allowing additional moisture to destroy the texture of good rice.

Thus, he encourages his customers to eat the rice balls in-house, not take-away. He shapes the balls while the rice is still hot from the rice-cooker. Despite that this may scald his hands, Yong Shen aims to serve the balls still warm to his customers. He admits that if he allowed the rice to cool to roll, they would stick longer, but he hopes that his customers get to consume the food hot. I tried taking away one day, and honestly, the balls stayed in shape. But of course, if you ordered delivery, you can’t control if your delivery person will prevent the balls from being destroyed even though it’s not that easy anyway.

Other than standard chicken rice balls, Yong Shen created Chicken Floss with Garlic rice balls too!

Shaping normal chicken rice balls is already quite difficult, adding chicken floss and garlic which all had different textures is tougher than you can imagine. Each serving for 1 pax has 3 balls, but don’t belittle the 3. They are actually quite filling! Each set costs $7.

Gloves are given so that you can dip the balls into their house-made tangy chilli sauce as well as the sweet dark soy sauce!

If you still prefer using the usual utensils, you may do so as well. But gloves and kids sure means a great time! Let your kids interact with the food when they have their gloves on, it can get messy but can be cleaned easily! We even tried to shape the rice ball and chicken together like gunkan sushi from an omakase, pretty fun! 

Regulars of New Teck Kee are already familiar with its tender steamed chicken, but what about these newly launched rice balls?

The standard rice balls still taste the same – fragrant and its usual texture was not compromised. The star definitely goes to the innovative Chicken Floss with Garlic rice balls. With the garlicky aftertaste and savoury chicken floss, every bite becomes a pleasure! I also like that both the versions weren’t overly sticky.

Personally, I feel that the tender steamed chicken went well with the standard rice ball. Just add some chilli and dark soy sauce, and soon you will find yourself addicted! The roasted chicken surprisingly suited the Chicken Floss and Garlic rice balls more, even though both are savoury. The newly launched rice balls really brought about a refreshing addition to the menu!

You can try both kinds of rice balls and let us know which combination you prefer more! You can’t have a mix of rice balls in 1 serving, but just grab another friend along and that will easily solve the dilemma.

$7 for 3 Rice Balls + Chicken

Visit the New Teck Kee Chicken Rice @ Rail Mall between 10am to 9pm to check out these special rice balls soon!

Address: 450 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, S678069
Opens Daily: 10am to 9pm