New Mookata @ Yishun Blk 848 Opens Until 2am Daily!

Every country has one: that spot where weird things keep happening, and in Singapore, it’s Yishun! But why am I even mentioning this?

Because we are about to bring you to a new supper spot in Yishun!

Now besides Chong Pang Nasi Lemak and Mcdonalds, are there any other nice supper spots in Yishun. Well i know some of you might be thinking, Chong Pang Nasi Lemak is overrated! Oh well, we have got friends who LOVE it and some who really hates it. Enough said, here is the new kid in town:

Fuman Seafood Zichar & Mookata

This coffeeshop stall sells both chinese zi char & mookata. And it is quite an experience having both at the same time, TOGETHER! So the Zichar operates from 11.30am to 10pm, which then after Mookata will continue until 2am.

Let’s talk Mookata!

It was a craze back then in 2008, but in recent years, SG is flooded with mookata. And apparently most mookata looks and tastes the same, don’t you agree?

Now to be very frank, Fuman’s mookata doesn’t really “stands out” a lot from any of the other mookata out there.  However there are still some pointers done right!

1. The Presentation

Look at their plating, it looks good & it looks clean! The boss & staffs really did put some effort into presenting their Mookata Platter

2. The Garlic Chicken

I wonder how a simple garlic marinade on the chicken thigh meat could taste so good. Sometimes you just wish to trade all of the other meat to just solely garlic chicken.

3. The “Greenish Looking” Chilli

Fuman’s mookata has 3 chilli. One of which is the greenish looking one. And this chilli is da bomb man! It has the perfect blend of umami, sourness and spiciness. & Yes it kinda has a hinge of sambal belachan in it, wonder if they really mixed it in. They are also a Chinese Zichar stall after all.

Fuman Seafood & Mookata

Address: 848 Yishun Street 81, Singapore 760848 (Opposite Khatib MRT)
Opens Daily 11.30am – 2am


Standard Seafood + Meat Platter: $29.90

Additional side platter: Top up $10

AlaCarte menu from $1.90 onwards