Random woman sneakily took a bite off a bread from a neighbourhood bakery

The women in the images below are suspected to have sneakily took a bite off a bread from a neighbourhood bakery located at 29A Ghim moh Link.

F&B Retailing is really tricky in Singapore.

Other than the combating high costs, rents and trying its best to satisfy customers, they too have to manage acts of mischiefs. Here is an interesting footage of a woman stealing a bite from a bread from a neighborhood bakery and walking away without paying.

Here’s a screenshot from Sweet hut bakery owner Riane Yang’s Facebook post:

“Approximately 2.10pm 26th Dec, this random girl dropped by my shop and sneakily took a bite off my bread and try cover with other bread.

As my colleagues were busy attending to my supplier that just arrived, they didn’t see her in action.

Anyways please help to share this because I really want to tell her:


Girl….. You can afford to dress up why you cannot afford to buy a bread?

Please don do it again? It’s not very nice because it is not resalable.

I can’t sell it/give it/ eat as the food has be contaminated with ur bare hands. The balance had to be thrown away.

Girl, I hope u do not do anything like this again. Be it bread or any other products that you have taken interest in. People are make a living through these products. There are effort spent be it small or huge to produce the product. Be it that the items is valuable a not, it just not nice to take something that u didn’t paid for.”

The evidence after the incident:

CCTV Footages from Sweet hut bakery: