My Makan Place

My Makan Place

Mee Rebus

I love my mee rebus to be thick instead of watery so My Makan Place’s mee rebus fulfills that factor.  According to Kiat Han, the reason behind the thick and sticky gravy is the use of sweet potato. Spiciness of this dish kicks in after a few mouthful with a balance of sweet and sourness.

Instead of the usual yellow noodle, My Makan Place offers a lot more noodle options, and upon Kiat Han’s recommendation, we tried the ramen option. With the flavourful gravy, ramen seems like a pleasant new discovery with this muslim-inspired dish!

$5.90 for the decent portion of ramen noodles, nor hiang, half-boiled egg (Japanese-fusion), and fried fish skins is actually affordable it for me!

Beef Noodle

Kiat Han also recommended us to attempt Udon option for the beef noodle – which I still prefer the usual thick beehoon or kway tiao because personally I’m not a fan of Udon, but I will recommend this option to my Udon-lover friends~ The broth is really beefy since it’s cooked for at least 6 hours after roasting the onions first. Even the radish is so well cooked that it still has the natural sweetness amongst the absorbed beef broth flavour. Do eat this bowl with the chili as the chili goes well with the meat and meatball!

The star of this dish is definitely the beef! Premium short ribs are used to provide the tender texture! The ribs are fatty and juicy, yet they do not have the beefy stench. So $9.90 for this bowl, I feel it is worth it and really very shiok! This will be the main reason I would return to My Makan Place too!

Fried Spring Roll

Homemade fillings (minced chicken meat, black fungus, yam and carrots) deep fried with popiah skin complements My Makan Place’s thai chili sauce. Would have a better contrast if cubes of water chestnuts are added too!

Homemade Pear Beauty Mix

A home recipe brought out to light is a good news for us consumers! It is a very healthy drink with a natural sweet and fruity flavour that comes from tons of pear boiled for hours together with other herbal ingredients. This drink is known to be nourishing, good for lungs and cough. It tastes quite similar to Luo Han Guo beverages. Studies and research were done before this drink is created.


Feel free to glance at the menu and see what else My Makan Place offers! Friendly bunch of staff they have which helps you enjoy the environment along with their food!

Address: 283 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437066
Operating Hours: 11am – 10pm, closed on Wednesdays
Reservation: 6440 0061

Written by Maisie Liu – Damn Worth It Foodie