Mini Apple Puffarons & Fried Jumbo Squid Head | Old Chang Kee

Old Chang Kee got us to review their newly launched products (2 of them), and we’ve just collected them this afternoon.

Can we all agree that a well structured blog posting will catch the reader’s’ attention, and make them want to read what you have to say? Well we’re gonna try Singlish then, it’s friendly and very the understandable…

So let me repeat again, Old Chang Kee got us to do this. So it means that this is a sponsored post. But of course, we are still going to give our honest review, NO JOKE!

So the guy in the picture, Mr Tianzu, was sibei excited about the new products that Old Chang Kee just launched.

First product: The Fried JUMBO Squid Head

Those who find the old squid head shiok, will confirm guarantee chop like this. $2.80 still ok, consider that you get one cup of this. Honestly we prefer to put chilli sauce, and that is what we always do. This one you bopian have to try their chilli & garlic powder, if not you order this one for what? The flavor gao gao already, you won’t want to add anymore sauce. Crispy-ness right, about 8/10. But again they serve us sure hot from the fryer, so depends you heng heng line up at old chang kee they just fry then yours will also be crispy crispy!

So this one very subjective one, you like right, you will LOVE it. You don’t like right, you will HATE it!

The Aunty works at Bukit Panjang Plaza’s branch. She very cute! We tell her these photos will go online, and then she like super excited. So if you happen to see her working there, remember to tell her u recognize her, she sure VERY HAPPY! LOL!

Second product: Mini Apple Puffarons

This one our guess is hor, they trying to say Puffarons is a combination of a PUFF & MACARON. Ok we think we are correct on this. The taste quite easy to describe…

You imagine you take a Curry Puff, you divide by half the size, then empty the inside, so left with just the puff.

Next you go mcdonalds buy apple pie, remove the pie, keep the filling. Pour the filling into the empty puff. Tada! You get the Mini Apple Puffrons.

Ok la one big round i am trying to say is Smaller Curry Puff, replace the filling with apple pie filling lor.

It’s actually quite nice, and because the size not very big (that’s what she said).. ya the auntie say one.. oh ya so it’s not very big, that’s why it’s not so gelard. If we are hungry maybe eat 3 ok, but if you already quite full, eat one quite shiok, quite nice the taste.

Palm size, actually smaller than a palm. But also need see your hand how big la.

Ok so you all got time just go and try!