40 Years Recipe | Delicious Hotplate BBQ Stingray

Singapore cuisine is spicy as it borrows liberally from the cuisines of its neighbours, which lean heavily on the use of chilli. And when it comes to a dish that packs a punch, the Sambal Stingray is certainly king!

Sambal stingray, also known as Spicy Banana Leaf Stingray and by the Malay name Ikan bakar (barbecued fish), is a Malaysian/Singaporean seafood dish. The ‘wings’ of the stingray are the best part with stringy but tender meat and a surprisingly un-fishy taste. Stingray is also one of the most affordable Singapore seafood dishes, with a small stingray, which easily feeds two people, costing about S$12 t0 $14.


Family owned and operated for over 40 Years. The stingray here has more distinct smokiness and intense sambal flavour than any of the other stalls we’ve ever tried in Singapore. It also comes in a sizzling hot plate and really sets itself apart from the rest. The hotplate keeps the fish warm while you enjoy your other dishes.

Sambal is the essential part of the barbecue stingray experience, and this family’s Sambal Chilli is the bomb! But let me warn you, the sambal was intensely spicy!

Hotplate Sambal BBQ Stingray

Hotplate Sambal Sotong

Hotplate Sambal BBQ Fish

Sambal LaLa

Onion Egg Omelette

Photos Credit: NEO Stingray

Yuhua Village Food Centre
Jurong East Street 24, Blk 254 #01-24 S600254

Opens Daily 5pm to 10pm (Closes on Tues)