Lu Ding Ji’s $1.50 Lu Rou Fan (Review)

Lu Ding Ji

Most of us have a special place in our stomachs reserved for Taiwan’s eclectic array of street food. What if you found out that you no longer had to fly out of the country to taste these? Lu Ding Ji at Viva Business Park presents us not only with just the right morsels to quench our cravings, but also with a comfortable dining area to savour the experience. 

Initially, the restaurant captured eyeballs on social media with their braised pork rice going for a jaw-dropping $1.50 per bowl! To be fair, the portions are modest, so don’t expect heaping mounds of rice and meat. Nevertheless, the price tag is a steal considering how tasty they are. Those with larger appetites can simply order more without breaking the bank, while this serving would be perfect for smaller eaters. Considering that the meal here would only be complete after sampling the other interesting and delicious side dishes, be sure to leave some room.

Only Japanese Pearl rice is used in the establishment as the premium strain features a wonderfully chewy, yet firm texture. Coupled with the strong umami taste of the pork and gravy, every spoonful was absolutely divine. One possible grievance however could be that there was a lot of fatty meat, to the lament of those trying to watch their waistline even when indulging.

Adding a wobbly lava egg to spruce up the dish is an option that can never disappoint. Lu Ding Ji’s variety boasts a soft white, with a creamy yellow centre. If the bowl on its own wasn’t already satisfying enough, this surely brought it up a notch.

Ladling the last scoop into my mouth hardly signalled the end of my epicurean adventure. Fortunately, we were readily presented with a plate of Tempura Chawanmushi and XXL Fried Chicken. 

Tempura Chawanmushi?

Tempura Chawanmushi? These two words seemed to be at odds with each other, which also made it all the more novel and interesting. Every bite of the golden brown cubes entailed a crunchy skin and silky middle– polar opposites, but a pleasant disparity my tastebuds could appreciate. I particularly liked that there were visible mushroom bits among the chunks of egg custard. This is a must-try, especially given its uniqueness.

XXL Fried Chicken

As for the XXL Fried Chicken, the strips of tender flesh were generously coated in crispy, thick, biscuit-like batter. Fragrant, peppery and savoury, this was a real treat. A plus point was that despite being deep-fried, this didn’t feel greasy or oily. 

Another point I’d like to commend the shop for was the free-flow water. We could cleanse our palates and hydrate after each heavy tasting dish to our heart’s delight without having to worry about extra cost. All in all, a highly recommended restaurant that serves top-quality comfort food at a very affordable rate. 

Address: 750 Chai Chee Road, Viva Business Park #01-13, Singapore 469000 

Email Address: 

Opening Hours: 11.30am to 9.30pm daily 


Written by: Claire