$19.90 Korean Fried Chicken BUFFET @ Seoul Kitchen Review!

Korean Fried Chicken… BUFFET??? ($19.90nett) DAEEEEBAK!


This Free- Flow Korean Fried Chicken is seriously 맛있어요MASISSEOYO!! (Delicious)

Seoul Kitchen is located along Sembawang Road, quite easy to spot. Previously named Seoul Chicken – for very **pok pok kehhh** obvious reasons.

Very homely feel, spacious, and comfy!! Owned and passionately run by a Korean Lady with bangin’ Korean recipes as we can vouch for…

Step 1: Choose from Fried, Spicy, or Sweet Soy Chicken.

The Fried Chicken is marinated in their secret recipe “black” sauce with herbs.

This Sweet Soy is not as sweet as it sounds, and perfectly savoury with the right crispiness!!

Spicy is just nice, not too spicy either, and dripping with deliciousness.

All Chicken options are tender & fresh.

Step 2: Choose from Kimchi Soup, Bean Paste Soup, or Seafood Tofu Soup.

Here is the Kimchi Soup…loves!!!

Seafood tofu soup yums:

All traditional Korean recipes by the Unni!!!

Step 3: Choose between Stir-Fried Noodles, Fried Dumplings, and Spicy Rice Cakes.

This JapChae was perf!!!

How can you go wrong with JapChae seriously.

The Tteokbokki super fresh and chewy. Our fave.

Top Up JUST $8 to have this Seafood Pancake,

which we loved – really flavourful, soft and warm and not too chewy. Kimchi Pancakes or Seaweed Rice Balls are two other options. 

All sauces are HOME-MADE on a regular basis.

Their free-flow sides too!

FRESH KIMCHI All Day Err Day!!!

Part of our spread:

Here is their menu…

Seoul Kitchen
435 Sembawang Road
Singapore 758398

Call 6483 0818

Open Daily 11am to 10:30pm

Written by Jean @ DamnWorthIt Foodie!