Hainan Street Steamboat since 1950 @ Chinatown Point Review!

Not feeling the love at the office and need some tender loving care from your fave comfort foods? Located in CBD area, this traditional Hainanese-style steamboat and its assorted dishes will soothe your worries the way your Popo did – and with good quality and comfortable prices.

Hidden at B1-16 of Chinatown Point, this unassuming restaurant blends in with the hustle and bustle of the shopping mall.

However once you step in, it greets you with a heart-warming ambience. Well thought out, it is spacious and well-ventilated, comfortably lit, with wide cushy chairs and dark marble tables.

So once you have a table, you can sink into your comfy seat and enjoy their specialty steamboat, now on promotion with different sets. Here are some of their other dishes with the steamboat:

If you need Heart-2-Heart talk, there is 2 pax Set at $29.90. If you are sick of your colleagues and just want some “me” time, there is 1 pax Set at just $9.90. Also with promotions for extra sides.

Chicken broth is simple and homely, with the umami flavor really infusing the soup after you stir in the ingredients from the platter. The ingredients like fish, pork, beef, sea cucumber, etc are clearly no-frills kind of fresh.

Here’s a look at the Steamboat menu:

If you are feeling indulgent, do order the Hainanese Chicken with rice like we did, this chicken is really tender from thigh all the way to breast!! There is the signature layer of clear jelly under that cool smooth skin.

Smooth and supple, not like those “Coh” kind of texture reminiscent of overcooked breast meats. Hmm. Rice very fragrant, not too oily. The Chili also very unique, mildly sweet and sour with a chili padi kick.

Some other specialty dishes-

Crispy pork chop that you can drench in gravy:

Battered prawns – the batter is quite generous, and so is the size of the fresh prawn inside.

Superb Satay!! Tender/firm and flavorful, our second fave after the Hainanese Chicken.

Actually no, this is a really awesome Tok-gong Cod Fish dish!!! So fresh and sumptuous and juicy. Really thumbs up especially with the soup.

This is like less than 1/4 of it:


Here’s a photo of us with the lovely owners, Jenny and husband Steven. If you find this steamboat familiar, it’s because Jenny’s dad was one of the founders of the outlet at Golden Mile Complex, and she wants to carry on his legacy via an upgraded concept here at Chinatown Point!


Hainan Street Steamboat

Chinatown Point, #B1-16, 133 New Bridge Rd, 059413

Open 10:30am to 10pm Daily.

Reservations at 6935 1389.

Written by Jean @Damnworthit Foodie!