3 Different Ways to spoil Mommy Dearest

What kind of mom are you? Well we’re not going to make you go thru a quiz ala buzzfeed, but you or your mother will know best.

See some of you folks are lazy like to stay at home type, don’t worry we’re not judging because we love lepak-ing at home too. Imagine if mothers day’ you just shake your leg at home and hot pipping fresh restaurant grade dishes are served to u.. you just need to eat finish, point fingers at your kids and they will wrap up and clear up..then take a shower and retire to bed, or watching your favourite korean shows but where to find so good lobang leh? Don’t worry we find for you lor.

Others want a super value deal because: all moms aka aunties are bargain-hunters at heart and they’re not ashamed to admit it ma. Even if shes damn rich like Ho-ching….don’t say we say ..ah but all aunties  ‘ai pi ai chee’ ma…so we also suss out that deal for you! From the pocket friendly one, to the atas but super value one ,eat wagyu until song song type.

Here are probably some of our best recommendations for mothers’ day:  mind you they never pay us to say this ah.  We got recommendations for every budget wor.


For a Mother of a Deal

You know and I know that every mom is a certified deal hunter, bargain barbie  machine, so this one is really too good to be true. Most restaurants require 3 diners before the 4th, which is mommy dearest , gets to eat free. But Toby’s The Dessert Asylum is much more generous leh, or could it be our shrinking birthday rate such that most families now have 1 kid only so that makes 3. Just nice to get this offer.

At Toby’s your Mom gets to dine for free and gets a free slice of cake too! Why? Because their Laobanniang is a supermom too and like I said super generous lo.

Just because its namesake sounds like a dessert cafe – it doesn’t mean they don’t have mains! In fact at Toby’s The Dessert asylum they have such a comprehensive menu, we wanted to try everything, From Pastas, to burgers (think cheesepull), to shepherd pies and more! The menu is extensive for 1 thing, I think they have at least 15 types of desserts maybe even more, and maybe 20 kinds of drinks and 50 over dishes man….

Actually when the menu is so extensive very headache la , but don’t worry if you have trouble deciding hahahah there is no time limit and they open till 10pm summore.

Check out their BBQ baby ribs platter! $49+

While I’m not one to eat ribs but baby ribs are a whole different story.I was won over by the Guinness baby ribs, and trust me baby ribs are so much softer and easier to eat over regular ribs.  The Toby’s ribs platter comes with 3 types of baby ribs and a variety of 5 sides where the cheese toast was a hands-down winner, it was crispy yet crumbly if that makes sense.  I was expecting a more ‘pizza-ish’ texture or bread texture but no, it was so much better than that! The Platter cost $49+

Older people cannot eat food that is too hard or tough ma….spare a thought for ahma or mom, give her only tender loving ribs!

3 Flavors available are:

BBQ baby Ribs
Guinness Stout baby Ribs
and Hickory Smoked baby Ribs
you can order them individually (see below)  but it will cost more heh.

We’re of course no stranger to Mother’s day promotion since its all the rage this month of May! But this seems to be one of the better offers so far if you talk about value and sincerity of the offer.

Also you know they’re serious about good cakes when you see the cupboard full of valrhona chocolate. One must try if you get the chance is the Durian D’lovers cake which is fluffy soft durian pulp encased in a delicate chocolate shell, good for 2 to 3 to share, limited quantities are made and available each day so you know la you better be fast.

Also they don’t charge service charge!! That’s savings right there! More money in your piggybank to pamper mom with say perhaps a SPA massage? Or birds nest maybe? lol


Toby’s the Dessert asylum
8 Boon Lay Way, #01-35, Tradehub21, 609964
Open daily and even on weekends and public holidays
Tel: 6316 2422


For the SAHM

If your mom is like my mom and doesn’t really enjoy crowds or prefers to ‘shake leg’ at  home!  Lim-bu can still dine  extravagantly on Mother’s day in her castle! Pamper her with a restaurant quality meal at the comfort of your home by Four Seasons Catering.

While it comes with the full set of biodegradable disposable wares, serviettes, garbage bags, chili & tomato sauce provided for your convenience.

I highly recommend you return those to the caterer or indicate you don’t need it so you can save the earth by using your own dinner ware since you’ll be at home. You know? the earth is also Mother Earth after all! lol

This menu is priced at $289+ which caters for 6 to 8 pax, available for delivery or collection from 01 to 31 May 2018. But you get 10% off this May!

It includes Marinated Baby Octopus, Sliced Smoked Duck, Golden Chicken Roll & Deep-fried Seafood Dumplings), Fragrant Yam Rice with Diced Chicken & Dried Shrimps, Steamed Broccoli & Scallops with Oyster Sauce, Dang Gui Herbal Boneless Chicken, Golden Oats Prawns,Deep-fried Sea Bass with Superior Sauce.

Comes with complimentary Fresh Red Roses in elegant gift box and Chilled Mango Sago are included with every delivery order . For self-collection, it includes Fresh Red Roses inelegant gift box and a Cat & the Fiddle premium Strawberry Cheesecake !

Actually you know la hor: If you buy a bouquet on mothers day already will cost you like $90 – $120 so if you get food and a bouquet without leaving your home I think not bad la right!

*Catering delivery charges of between $35-$45+ apply
Order via https://fourseasons.com.sg/menu/mothers-day-special/

For the ATAS Momma

If your mom practically hails from “Crazy Rich Asians” then let the doyenne have her wagyu so she doesn’t scold you! The MIYAZAKI wagyu and premium queen crab hotpot buffet at En Sakaba is not to be missed. This one is also one helluva deal, with Japanese Miyazaki wagyu no less [the best beef in the world and from japan] . You can even show mom the certificate since the restaurant frames it up eagerly. Yes yes or you can bring your date’s family here to impress them and suddenly her mother becomes your MIL liao. #WIN

I’ve no idea how they keep the price this low but the meal starts of with appetizers featuring super fresh salmon and tuna sashimi on a bed of ice with radish, then vegetable tempura with large ebi  tempura, and a nice bowl of balanced tempura dip. Then whet your appetite with wagyu aburi sushi of A5 standard, nothing less for mother, this is to prep her tastebuds for what’s to come!

Enter the free flow Miyazaki Wagyu and Iberico Pork and Zuwai Queen crab (so after confessing to your contribution to global warming and saying prayers), your whole family can wash it all down with porridge or udon made from the broth of your hotpot and then tuck into a scoop of Haagen Daz icecream no less.

Sibei tok-kong #bobehzhao this one meal. After all mothers’ day is only once a year so this $78++ per pax is nothing la for the mother in our lives. [ This price is already a steal for miyazaki wagyu] .

During May to 13 May specially for Mothers Day! Mothers and grandmothers get 50% with every 3 adults. Meaning its $39++ for mom leh! woo
2 Buffet hotpot Locations:
En Sakaba @ Capital Tower
168 Robinson Road #01-10, 068912

En Sakaba @ JEM
50 Jurong Gateway Road,
#01-04 JEM
Singapore 608549


Note: Capital Tower and JEM have different time availability for the buffet.

Capital Tower:
Mon – Fri after 5pm
Saturday – Whole day
Sunday – Closed

Whole day, everyday.

For Mothers’ Day promo, it applies to their standard buffet time availability for the respective outlets as stated above.

That is to say for lunch, it is available everyday at Jem but only on Saturdays at Capital Tower. While for Sundays, only at Jem.