Famous Tanjong Rhu Wanton Mee Opens Premium Outlet!

Fans of Tanjong Rhu Wanton Mee will be delighted to know that they just opened a branch at The Venue Shoppes Potong Pasir.

Their wanton mee is on the thinner and firmer side. Like those HK style mee but without the alkaline taste. I gotta admit the mix of chilli oil and lard oil makes the noodles even tastier.

If you head over to the self service counter, you’ll see a bottle of chilli sauce. Disclaimer: That chilli is really really spicy!

The wanton mee also comes with 2 fat delicious wantons, evoking feels of nostalgia.

Another dish that stood out for us was their Mushroom Noodles:

The noodles are topped with Black Top Mushroom infused with superior stock, paired with perfectly fried wanton skin! The silky skin mushrooms really gives you that burst of aroma with every single bite. 😋Sink your teeth in this dish for only $5.50!

Now here comes the interesting part, their packaging:

After satisfying your wanton mee cravings, you decide to dabao a packet home for your family member. You’ll then realise that neither do they place your wanton mee into a clear plastic bag nor into a plastic container. It’s actually placed into a beautifully designed “heat seal looking” plastic. There are also indicators on the bag telling you the type of noodles you ordered with the amount of chilli as well.

The boss explained that this sealing bag can allow the noodles to be kept warm for 5 to 6 hours!

After sealing up the noodles, they put it into a paper box, sealed with their brand’s sticker.

P.S. The fried stuffs are actually places outside the bag (inside the box) to retains it’s crispiness.

You will find utensils inside the box as well!

Overall, their noodles are pretty good. Especially after adding the super shiok spicy chilli. And also, this takeaway packaging method is really one of a kind, very interesting! Do swing by and try it for yourself!

Address: 2 Tai Thong Crescent #01-25 The Venue Shoppes, Singapore 347836

07:30am – 03:00pm
05:30pm – 09:30pm

08:00am – 03:00pm