D’Cuisines Restaurant

D’Cuisines Restaurant

Located at SIA Group Sports Club, this ulu restaurant is under-rated. At 9 years old, D’Cuisines is already functioning as a restaurant, supplier, and caterer for events such as weddings, specializing in Chinese/ North and South Indian/ Muslim cuisines. And definitely Halal certified!

It has 2 outlets – Little India and here. This outlet has private rooms for private events, while its public setting is spacious with a mixture of Chinese and Indian decorations.

Signature Curry Fishhead – South Indian ($22* S / $28 M /, $32 L)

One of its best sellers is the South Indian Curry Fishhead, garnished with spring onions and coriander (my favorite!!). This pot of goodness is filled with vegetables and a share-able fresh fishhead. Curry is fragrant – tastes quite similar to those you dip with Prata.

Meaty is the word for this fishhead. Just look at the proportion of the fishhead against the pot! Tender flesh that has absorbed the curry within is best with my favorite coriander~ Fishhead’s meat is moist and soft – quite a decent dish compared to other indian restaurants. This dish is good for 3-4 pax!

*Every Wednesday lunch PROMOTION – the curry fishhead is only $17!!!!  DAMN WORTH IT!

Mutton Dum Briyani – North Indian ($14 S / $21 M / $26 L)

Another top choice amongst the Indian regulars is this North Indian Mutton Dum Briyani! Reason being is that the basmati white rice is moist and whole. Additional fried onions garnished upon the Briyani just top up more fragrance to the dish.

Dum Briyani means that the meat (in this case is mutton) is cooked together with the basmati white rice at a very low flame, instead of being served separately. The mutton could be more consistent with its tenderness (inconsistence could partially be due to the different parts of the lamb used). In this same plate, I’ve tasted tough and dry pieces as well as really tender and chewy pieces. Fortunately, the best thing about the mutton is that it has minimal lamb stench, so this is definitely a plus point! In fact, the meat itself is sweet!

And for most of the Briyani in D’Cuisines Restaurant, it comes with a sizeable bowl of Dalcha (curry vegetables). As compared to the fishhead curry, Dalcha is thicker and more mashy due to long cooking hours of the potatoes within the curry. Thus, all of the vegetables are relatively soft. Matching the Mutton Dum Briyani with this is just sedap!

Salted Egg Prawns – Chinese Style ($18 S / $27 M / $36 L)

Salted Egg Prawns is another MUST-TRY! I believe the prawns are deep-fried first before they are stir-fried with salted egg yolks, curry leaves and chili padi. You could either eat the entire prawn with the shells or suck the shell and eat the flesh thereafter (which I tried both ways). For the first method, the prawns are really crunchy and crispy with a strong taste of the salted egg yolk – very fragrant! Whereas for the second method, by sucking the shells, I could taste the sweetness of the prawn through that! However, the reason why i guessed the cooking style is because after sucking the shell, the flesh of the prawn itself tastes rather bland. Nonetheless, plating as seen above is really pleasing to the eyes! If you ask me, I would actually order this dish again because the salted egg is just irresistible (or maybe I’ll just try salted egg with chicken or fish in future)!

Head down with your family and friends while the promotion is still available! Parking is very convenient here! If you go during lunch hours, you may even witness the robot (cutsy and intelligent robot which plays music during operation) and have it serve food right to your table!

Address: 726 Upper Changi Road East, Singapore 486046, Level 2
Opening Hours: 11:00 AM – 02:30 PM (Lunch), 05:30 PM – 10:00 PM (Dinner)
Website: http://www.siasportsclub.sg/f-a-b.html

Written by Maisie Liu – Damn Worth It Foodie