Bunnies Bakery: Chinatown’s $1.50 Mini Bun Review!

Fresh. Yummy. Adorable. AND Affordable!!

What’s not to love??? And no, we’re not talking about real rabbits here.

This 15 Years Old Bakery in Chinatown sells 6 Buns for just $1.50!

And… they come in over 15 different flavors!!! 

Just look at these mega lovable puffs. Each loaf of 6 mini buns used to cost $1.30, and they’ve only increased the price by 20 cents throughout these years.

They are handmade FRESH, On The Spot!! Prepared in batches every 15-20 minutes or so, the buns are quickly snatched up by the bustling crowd.

The bakers literally put their heart and soul into their work.

Before… and after!!

If you are familiar with the term “cheese pull”, here’s a new term for you: “Bread Pull”!!!

We tried a few flavors, all were damn right awesome. Made us tear with the old school feels!!

The traditional Butter Sugar was true love for us.

Coconut, and red bean, and pandan, yam, chocolate… omo. Too many to love.

Soft as pillows, creamily melting in your mouth.

This is Alex, the passionate Towkay – he told us that he wants to keep the bread/bun cheap so that the old folks in Chinatown could afford to buy his bread everyday. He strives to maintain the traditional standard and quality of the buns for all these 15 years, and emphasises on them being not too sweet (as most pastries these days overwhelmingly are.)

They sell many other fresh pastries, such as Pandan Cake, Pandan Cranberry buns, assorted cakes, and other baked goods. All kneaded with love.

Easy to locate, near the entrance of People’s Park Complex. They used to be at #01-66, but recently moved to the side of the main road at #01-K99. 

Bunnies Singapore
People’s Park Complex | 1 Park Rd S059108
Opens daily 9.30am-9.30pm
Written by Jean @ DamnWorthIt Foodie!