Bistro in TPY Safra’s SuperBowl sells $16.80 1-For-1 Restaurant Quality Western Food

This hidden gem is located in Superbowl @ Safra, the Axsolute Bistro focuses on serving a wide range of quality western food and alcoholic beverages at very affordable pricing. A perfect place to eat, drink, and chill. Imagine dining while watching people play bowling, quite cool also!

The western food here is VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Their Aglio Olio & Chicken Cutlet (the best sellers) are probably gonna be one best you ever had! And the staff told us that the purposely plate until very nice so that people will take photo of the food & post on their social medias. And… the pricing though, very very affordable:

$16.80 nett for 2 mains

Seafood Aglio Olio

Beautifully plated, every bite is a burst of umami & flavours. Yes it’s that good!

Chicken Chop

Served with fries, brown sauce, coleslaws  & greens

Their Legendary Chicken Cutlet

This alone is worth the trip for us to travel from the west to TPY just to makan! Pair this crispy chicken with their yellow colour sauce (I think it’s lemon mayo), fuyooooooo so good…

Fb: AxsoluteBistro


Open Daily: 12pm – 10.30pm