This online beef delivery platform has a $10 category for their steaks!

This new e-commerce that sells steaks & butter are unique from the rest.

They are Singapore’s beef market place that provides budget-friendly cuts to affordable basics to deluxe premium cuts which are not commonly found. Looking at their website, the first thing you would notice is the unique categorisation of their items. Basically there are 3 categories on their website to guide you along your shopping experience – “budget-friendly , feeling rich and crazy rich”.

The reason for the category names are as shown on the price range. For the ‘budget-friendly’ section, you get to select beef that are priced at $10 nett. Some of the selection that can be found are the ‘Brazilian Ribeye’ & ‘N.Z Ribeye’.  Something special would be their wagyu patty (180gm) which is also priced at $10 each!

Besides their $10 steaks, something that stands out about them is that they have these UNUSUAL butter that are considered niche in this market. They have blocks of butters with 9 different flavours! There are some standard butter that would go well with your steaks like the garlic butter, red wine butter! Other butters can be used to compliment other dishes such as truffle butter and mentaiko butter can be used in making pastas! This is like a ONE-IN-ALL ingredient to lift up the flavours of every dish. For more exotic flavours, you can find mala butter & matcha butter! There are so many possibilities of creating a new dish with these butters!

You can check them out at or their facebook page –

They are offering free next – day delivery for orders above $50 placed before 5PM (Mon – Sat)!