This innovative young man twisted his balloon-sculpting endeavour into a booming online frozen food business

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken many businesses to their roots.

While some have collapsed due to the world’s shift in structure, the phenomenon is also a breeding ground for fresh opportunities to bloom. 28 year old Leyeon Cheung has successfully harnessed the waves of change and ridden them to new shores!

Prior to the Circuit Breaker, he was a successful Balloonist who entertained children at parties, but the restrictions implemented saw his sales plummet to zero. Instead of sulking that the rules had popped his balloons, enterprising Leyeon instantly took to searching for other avenues as he knew that he had to act fast.

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Frozen & Co

Frozen and Co, an online store where customers can order goods and have them delivered straight to their doorstep, was incepted after a stroke of luck. An aunt of Leyeon’s friend who worked as a supplier for frozen food approached him for help during the crisis. Initially, the way she ran her business was traditional and it had no online presence– evidently, it would have withered away if not for Leyeon’s involvement, which would have been a waste given that she had been in the game for over 20 years, supplying to some of the biggest names in the Food and beverage industry! 

Just like how he used to twist balloons, he twisted the unfortunate circumstance in both their favours where their combined efforts gave birth to a venture that could now thrive in this never before seen ecosystem. While she was in charge of obtaining the stock, he and his two business partners handled the digital marketing, sales and logistics aspects. 

Leyeon had no reservations diving in headfirst despite not having prior experience in this field. To him, this was a chance at a new form of success that could reap results, rather than sitting at home being stagnant. It proved to be a fruitful endeavour; today, a notable selection of their bestsellers are now selling like hot cakes. Some of these you could check out are their King Prawns and their large Salmon Fillets. 

The items featured on Frozen and Co’s site are lovingly handpicked by Leyeon and the rest in the company, ensuring that the business only offers the most sought-after, high quality and loved products regardless of it being seafood, meat, finger food, vegetables and even ice cream! Aside from carrying a varied selection, Frozen and Co prides itself on pricing their wares affordably, at rates cheaper than that of their competitors, along with bringing in exclusive items which are in demand but rarely found in other shops. 

Needless to say, nurturing anything is never a bed of roses. Leyeon has encountered his fair share of obstacles in the development of Frozen and Co such as delivery challenges and wrong or missing orders. Yet, these do not faze him. While he has cited passion as a means of motivation for his previous occupation, he claims that the journey with Frozen and Co has bestowed him with lots of interesting knowledge. Hence, he is grateful for the experience and ever-ready for what the future holds. 

In his words to aspiring entrepreneurs, Leyeon feels that as long as a business serves up innovative and practical solutions to problems in this world, it will be able to prosper. Simultaneously, the inherent sense of fulfilment due to contributing positively to society is extremely rewarding. 

Once, Leyeon used to bring joy to children with his balloon sculptures. Today, he receives the same smiles when they receive their favourite food from his deliverymen.


Article by: Claire Soh