Yue Long Men Hotpot 悦龙门火锅 Review

The hotpot competition in Sg is hot hot hottttttt!!

And here is another winner – newly opened in the heart of Chinatown, is Yue Long Men Hotpot. Located near Chinatown MRT Exit A.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Chinatown, in the jolly evening atmosphere, we sat comfortably in the spacious restaurant.

With hotpots built into the table for each individual diner, and an attractive spread…

Choose from Clear, Mushroom, Mala, Tomato, Tom Yum, or Curry Soup Base!

Meat level 1001% shiokness!!

Pork belly shiok max.

Bone-in marbled beef.

MORE Marbled beefy goodness!!

And this special Garlic Pork Belly, is my FAV. Cold and drenched in gravy, not too spicy, with a lovely cucumber crunch. Addictive.

They even have BBQ specials! Chicken Wings, Prawn,etc. Crispy and well-marinated in special sauces.

Fish paste.

This was special, Cold Mala Chicken glazed in a refreshing savoury mala Parsley gravy.

Fresh seafood options like this fresh fish!

Of course you shouldn’t miss out on drinks. What made our meals extra refreshing was this Tsingtao beer – ice-cold and smooth.

They really pamper you here, there’s a wide selection of ice-cream as well…

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And even a Photo Booth so you can stick your photo up on their wall of fame!!

Here is the Hotpot Menu:

They are also having Set Lunch promos from 11-4pm starting from $8.80+ with various selections such as Lamb Set, Beef Set, Pork Set, Seafood Set, and even Vegetarian Set!

NO Service Charge 🙂

Visit their Facebook for more details:

Yue Long Men Hotpot

75 Pagoda Street

Singapore 059234

Open Daily 12pm  – 10pm
Written by Jean @ Damnworthit Foodie!