Yue Long Men 悦龍門火锅, Chinatown’s Hotpot With FREE-FLOW Xiao Long Bao & Dumplings

Located at the heart of Chinatown, is Yue Long Men Hotpot, a restaurant to warm your belly and heart with an assortment of broths & FREE-FLOW Xiao Long Baos.

Best part is, they open till 4.30am! (Except Mon & Tues where they don’t do supper)

We loved the freshly sliced beef & pork, it was just awesome. Appreciate that they don’t actually place these two dishes over at the buffet counter.

Individual Pot Buffet

You can choose from up to 6 broths. Our favourite? The tomato soup base.  The only soup with an additional cost of $3 is their newly launched Green Mala.

But, before you gobble down all the food, have a look at the menu again — there’s xiao long bao & dumplings included, which means FREE-FLOW xiao long baos throughout your meal! Honestly, this was quite the highlight of our visit.

If you’re looking for a hot pot buffet that will not only fill you up but is economical at the same time, Yue Long Men will keep you coming back for its delicious broths & affordable price. Plus, there’s free-flow xiao long baos, need I say more?

Desserts and drinks are all in too, absolutely no hidden costs!

Mon-Thurs: $16.99 (Lunch) $24.99 (Dinner)
Fri, Sat, Sun & PH: $19.99 (Lunch) $26.99 (Dinner)

Sun, Wed, Thurs $19.99 (Supper)
Fri, Sat & PH $26.99 (Supper)
Mon & Tues (No supper timing)

Child (5-10 y/o)
$9.99 (Lunch) $12.99 (Dinner)

– Prices exclude GST & Service Charge
– Dining duration: 1 Hour 40 Mins

Yue Long Men Hotpot 悦龍門火锅

Address: 75 Pagoda Street Chinatown MRT Exit A
Regular opening hours: 11.30am to 10.30pm (Daily)
Supper hours: 10.30pm to 4.30am (Closed Mon & Tues)

Tel: 69090611

Written by: Claire Swf