WAD Bistro

ATTENTION SEAFOOD LOVERS! WAD Bistro has come out with a new & special, delicious fusion seafood dish for you! One of their Signature dish, “SEAFOOD IN DA WOK!”

Looks AWESOME? And, if you’ve ever wondered why this dish tasted so amazing, here’s everything you need to know. As you can see, this wok consists of many ingredients! Prawns, squids, clams, cheese cocktail sausages, baked potatoes, broccoli, baby corns and last but not least, CRAYFISHES! (for just $38!) If you are crayfish lover, you should not miss this out cuz their crayfishes are absolutely fresh with a slight tinge of ocean taste. They also have pastas beneath those amazing ingredients. Good for sharing for 2 – 4 pax. We gave 10/10 for their taste, portion and level of freshness of their ingredients! The bistro received many positive feedbacks from customers dining there. You won’t regret having this meal!


Their next signature dish is their Red-wine lamb shank ($22, damn shiok!) The meat on the plate was very tender and soft. It melted at the touch of the cutleries. Meat falls off the bone very easily. We have tried other lamb shanks from different cafes, this is definitely one of our top lists! The gravy goes very well with the lamb and it’s not over powering for non-lamb eaters. You can try it, the lamb taste is not very strong and it would not overkill your fussy taste buds! Everything was very well balanced. We gave it 9/10.

Next, time to fill our stomachs with their specialty and unique desserts!



Wow! We really love this dessert. It’s not so much of a sophisticated dessert, but the taste and texture of this dessert really blew our foodies’ mind! It’s actually their specialty-made melted chocolate fudge with oreo crumbles topped with melted marshmallows served on a hotplate, with two different types of biscuits to complement. One of it was a “sota pia” mixed with the hot fudge, it tasted really good. You feel like you are eating another level of “Hello Panda,” but with a warm sensation, extra chocolaty taste! Damn Shiokk! We gave it an 8/10. Good for sharing for 2!

We love their food, and there are many other amazing food on their menu! Come on down to try! The boss will be always there to personally engage with all of the customers to ensure an unforgettable dining experience!


Address: #01-727, 117 Commonwealth Dr, Singapore 140117

Opens Daily (Mon-Sun)

11.30am to 2.30pm

4.30pm to 11.30pm (Last order at 10.30pm)

Fun fact: They accept Cash, Nets & Alipay! Yes ALIPAY!

Signing off~

Joey Chin (DWI Foodie)