Tobys – The Dessert Asylum, serves up more than just sweets

Are instagrammable rainbow colored cakes your thing? And does the oozy interiors of a molten lava cake scream ‘boomerang’ me now to you? Here are some reasons to grab a pal and indulge your whims and fancies, all while documenting this on your social media account.

Far from maddening crowds, a rare find since hipsters have taken over many other cafes is Toby’s The Dessert Asylum, situated here in a cozy nook west of singapore. This café serves up tonnes of instagrammable desserts along with a bevy of food and drinks.

While their name gives one an impression that it’s a dessert only café, you’ll be delighted to find out that they whip up the full works – like Shepherd’s pies, pastas, pizzas and a variety of drinks as well. And if that’s not enough – if you’re someone born in the 80s like our writer then you are in for a real treat that takes you down memory lane to the days of NYDC café and the days you spent eating the Muddy mud pies and all things sweet as a student. NYDC has since closed and moved out of Singapore so thank goodness we have Toby’s!

The resident baker churns out her mouth-watering creations daily from their kitchen in-house from scratch, unlike many places where the cakes are factory made. Here’s how you tell a baker uses good ingredients – when you spot boxes and boxes of Valrhona chocolate lining their shelves. She also bakes up many custom creations and bespoke cakes upon request! Bring on the Paw Patrol, Clash Royale and Fidger spinner themed cakes.

I really enjoyed their ultra soft ‘Toby’s Beef Shepherd’s Pie’, pictued above – while my friends tucked into the Spicy Marinara spaghetti, which had seafood in it, as well as the BBQ pork ribs, and the crowd pleaser – the battered  mushrooms with spicy powder on it much like the taiwan styled fried street snacks. It was sooooo addictive.

Perhaps at venues like these where you are spoilt for choice and want to eat-it-all, you run the risk of indulging in too many mains and not having space for the highlights – which are the desserts! We’re pretty sure it happens to many, just like it did to us. But not before we sank out spoons into their popular desserts such as’ D’Lover’, a durian mousse cake that’s coated with a chocolate, as well as their version of the tiramisu called ‘Cuppa Misu’, and their rainbow 7 layer cake titled ‘Rambo 7’, my heart wanted the ‘Great Wall’ which is essentially a shibuya styled thick toast by my tummy said it was on overdrive heh. We filled whatever space we had left with our ‘hulk-a-mania’ drink, as well as a lychee freeze drink.

This D’Lovers durian cake was soft and fluffy. No prizes for guessing which is the Cuppa Misu and Rainbow cakes heh.

I liked how their desserts were not too sweet! Which means we can all eat more of it!

Parents can delight in knowing the restaurant is extremely child-friendly and that kids get to dine free if they have the Toby’s kids membership card which apparently is issued with a photo of your tot on it (yay for customization).

Toby’s The Dessert Asylum
8 Boon Lay Way #01-35, S609964
Tel: 63162422