This “te kar beehoon” based on his late grandma’s recipe saved his business!

ENJOY Eating House & Bar started as a small eating house in Jln Besar founded by two childhood friends, Joel & James. A second location was recently introduced at Mercure on Stevens.

He wanted to return to his Singaporean roots after a previous stint in a Thai restaurant.

Joel had multiple failed business ventures in the past. 3 years ago, at his lowest point, he even lost his beloved grandma.

Restarting his career

Joel decided to restart his F&B career with his childhood friend, James. That is when they started ENJOY Eating House & Bar. Founded in January 2019, this concept is inspired by the Joel’s personal experience growing up in Singapore. He aims to keep the traditional way of cooking local food alive by recipes passed down in his family for generations.

The “te kar beehoon” which is based on Joel’s late grandma’s recipe.

One of the hottest and best seller in the restaurant is the Grandma’s Te Kar Beehoon. The pig’s trotter is braised for over 6 hours, till its super duper ultra tender. The flavour & wok hei of the beehoon really really is amazing.  Joel mentioned in a recent interview that maybe his grandma is “helping him wherever she is now”

Watch the interview here:

Enjoy Eating House and Bar

Address 1: 30 Stevens Rd #01-07, Mercure on Stevens, Singapore 257840

(Free parking all day, claim parking coupon after dining)

Address 2: 383 Jln Besar, Kam Leng Hotel, Singapore 209001