This Honey Coated Cheesy Mochi Dessert is the Latest Drink Craze in S’pore!

Mochi Mochi Chizu by Beans Party

This delicious dessert is launched at Beans Party (Hillion Mall), on the 15th December 2020. Long queues were then formed outside the dessert shop especially during lunch and dinner hours.

Watch video here

The base of the drink is their homemade beancurd, follow by soya milk tea, and follow by a think layer of cheese foam. Last but not least, a skewer of honey coated Japanese mochi is placed on top.

The mochi skewer is also coated with Kinako (roasted soy bean) powder, yummy!

Price: SGD$6.90

Address: Hillion mall, 17 Petir Rd, #01-38 Seoul Street, Singapore 678278

Opens Daily: 11am-10pm