The Landmark Restaurant – International Buffet (Halal)

The Landmark Restaurant – International Cuisine

Hidden within Golden Landmark Shopping Centre lies a damn-worth-it International Buffet Restaurant. I had to ask around the mall to find it, which turned out to be really easy to find once you are at the Hotel Lobby.

It has a beautiful indoor dining setting as well as a romantic outdoor dining setting. Eating by the pool when the sun sets is just so romantic~

Salad Station

Such an extensive range of salad choices! Start with your appetizers here!

Mixed Cuisine Station

At this station, they provide white steamed rice, biryani and creamy pasta! So you could tell that they do provide some popular chinese, indian and western cooked spread!

Watch the live station on how the chef wraps a kebab!


Chili Crab is one of the top favorites among the crowd, especially when its golden buns are all fried to perfection!

When the roasted beef was served, everyone swarmed to this because it looked so good with the reddish meat! Get it early before it runs out fast!

This is a must try!!!! Tulang (mutton bone marrow) tastes out of the world! Before eating the flesh, suck the juices from the bone and you will understand what I mean. I’m sure the indian muslims know what I’m talking about~

DIY Station (Laksa)

I always love DIY stations because it means I can spam my fav ingredients and choose to not include those ingredients that I dislike! The ingredients here at the Landmark are really fresh, while the laksa gravy has alot more spices instead of the typical coconut flavor.

Seafood Station

I have to specially mention the staff of Landmark – they are the warmest and friendliest bunch ever! Their services are prompt (they clear your unwanted/finished plates really efficiently) and they pay attention to details which I really appreciate because it shows they really enjoy and love their job. They even handcrafted the food decorations – so professional! And i believe that’s because Ramesh (Landmark Restaurant Manager) is strict on upholding the standards of the service and quality of the food!

Diving straight to this beautiful seafood on ice, I’m sure most people save most of their stomach for this station! Tianzu gulped down 8 of these oysters consecutively! Personally, I love their crabs and prawns! Crabs are very sweet and soft, and the shells are already easy to break apart just by hand. Prawn are whole and fresh!

North Indian Station

An exclusive corner just for north indian cuisine makes me curious, and I could understand why the entire corner is for north indian cuisine.

The potato with cauliflower makes me return for more because the whole dish is just so uniquely sweet and complements the biryani! Potato lovers will love this because the potato is soft and fragrant! The next time I come here, I will make sure to find out what kind of potatoes they use – so distinct from those chinese curry potatoes!

Every table I see has this fish head curry! Separating the vegetables from the fish head and the curry, one can DIY what to include in the curry!

Another must try is the Tandoori Chicken! Ramesh also mentioned that this is extremely well-liked by the customers! I took a drumstick and fell in love with it immediately – even the breast meats are tender and soft! Charred on the outside, the fragrance that comes from the marination of the meat is just so well done!

Satay Kiosk

Landmark has a satay station just beside the pool and you have to visit this because this is truly authentic! Eat the mutton and chicken sticks on the spot to get the ultimate smoky taste! Don’t forget to dip them in the satay sauce provided!


Last but not least, there is always space for desserts! I thought I would not go for them because personally dessert isn’t my thing, but their plating and pretty layout makes me wanna try them! Go for the chocolate cake and cheesecake! Chocolate cake tastes a little like brownie as it is solid and chewy, not the spongy kind – love the strong chocolatey taste! The cheesecake, on the other hand, is really creamy with a little salty buttery taste from the crust – cheese isn’t too strong so it’s not jelat for me~ They have malay kuehs and fruits too!

Opening Hours & Buffet Pricing

Every single corner and station comes with an extensive range of choices! Even for the dinner pricing, this international buffet is DAMN WORTH IT! I’ve tried several international buffet, but Landmark Restaurant remains at the top lists for its quality of food, united customer service and awesome ambience regardless of indoor and outdoor settings! Besides, it is only less than 10 mins walk from Bugis Mrt Station.

Tip: Lunch and Dinner menu is the same, so head to Landmark for lunch to seize the feast at the DAMN WORTH IT price!
Warning: Do make your reservations before going, to avoid disappointments!

Address: 390 Victoria Street #05-01 (Poolside), Singapore 188061
[ Enter through level 3 Hotel Lobby ]
Reservation: 6299 7786 / Chope / Quandoo

Written by Maisie Liu – Damn Worth It Foodie