New Thai Restaurant Opens Along Cheong Chin Nam Sells Thai Claypot Seafood Vermicelli, Opens Till 3am

Located along the bustling, eatery-laden Cheong Chin Nam Road, Opens Daily: 5pm-3am

This shop contains two concepts: Thai Kway Chap + Thai Steel Pot Vermicelli

Yaowarat Kway Chap

If you are a frequent visitor to the famed Yaowarat Street at Chinatown Bangkok, then you should be familiar with this dish. And of course right now you can’t travel yet, and you need not go all the way to Bangkok to experience this dish. Just have it at Bukit Timah!

Their Roast Pork is a MUST HAVE!

Next up, their Sibei Tokgong Thai Steel Pot Vermicelli!

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They are also running a Mon-Thurs BEER PROMOTION:

Address: Cheong Chin Nam Road S599744

Opens Daily: 5pm-3am