New French Bakehouse at The Grandstand is Hidden within a Restaurant Filled with Dark Fairy Tales Decors

Located within Aquadisiac, a 2-Storeys f&b establishment

For all of the cafe lovers who are also fond of French Bakes & Desserts, you’re in luck. Situated inside a 8000 sq ft, 2-Storeys f&b establishment, is Wild Yeast French Bakehouse!

It is a new bake house within Aquadisiac, The Grandstand at Bukit Timah!

Aquadisiac: Spacious Interior, Filled with Dark Fairy Tales Decors

If you grew up watching classic Disney movies such as “The Sleeping Beauty” or reading the Little Golden Book version of “Pinocchio,” you’re probably accustomed to thinking of fairy tales as wholesome entertainment for young children.

“The Sleeping Beauty”, Disney’s 1959 film told the story of a young princess whom a sorceress tries to doom, awakened by the kiss of her true love, the prince to whom she has been betrothed.

That’s pretty much what happens in the Perrault and Grimm (Dark Tales) versions of the story as well. But they cleaned up the story from earlier versions, such as 14th-century France’s “Perceforest,” in which the prince returns to find the young woman lying in a bedchamber, nude and comatose, and can’t resist the urge to have sexual intercourse with her. She becomes pregnant and has a child, all while remaining asleep. But her infant bites upon his mother’s finger, mistaking it for a breast, causing the flax chip from the spindle to fall out and the young lady to awaken.

So sick!

This is the 1st Floor, where Wild Yeast French Bakehouse is situated:

This is the 2nd Floor, Aquadisiac’s main dine hall:

The furnitures are all inspired by your fairy tales

Aquadisiac is around 8000 square feet! That’s super big isn’t it? The 2nd floor is filled with furnitures inspired by (I think) Alice in the Wonderland. And of course when you look closer, the printed designs are filled with drawings from the dark tales.

Wild Yeast Bakery’s Brunch Menu (10am-4pm)

Highly recommend their Croque Madame

The name super chim right everything? Just ask the friendly staffs when in doubt, they will explain to you!

Dessert & Drinks Menu (10am-10pm)

Theit classic Acai Bowl is really legit!

IG: wildyeastfrenchbakehouse

FB: wildyeastfrenchbakehouse

Address: 200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand (South Entrance) #01-22, Right Beside Taxi Stand

Opens Daily 10am-10pm (Brunch 10am-4pm)