Mouthwatering Mookata Meats You Can Cook At Home

Many of you know that Phuket Town Mookata is known in Ang Mo Kio for its extremely affordable mookata with its mega-mountain meat and super shiok Tom Yum Mama noodles. 

The truth is Phuket Town Mookata specialises in flavourful marinated meats since the start. Freddrick, the owner of Phuket Town Mookata, has always been a fanatic of Thai cuisine since young. Using his knowledge and passion for cooking Thai cuisine, he has always been innovating and improving recipes of his marinated meats. Shortly after investing time and effort, he finally found the right balance between Thai flavours and Singapore local taste, winning more and more regulars patronising his mookata stall.

Out of so many flavours, Frozen & Co has decided to collaborate with Phuket Town Mookata to introduce 5 of the hot favourite flavours for online delivery! Yes, you can now enjoy Phuket Town Mookata’s awesome marinated meats at the comfort of your home without needing to go through the smokiness of the mookata grill. It is up to you to pan-fry, stir-fry, steam, grill or deep-fry the meats! Follow me as I reveal what are the marinated meats below:

First up and also my favourite amongst the 5 – Marinated Sesame Chicken (500 gm)! This is the bomb! My team and I could not stop going for more after the first bite. The fragrant sesame flavour has been infused into the meat so strongly that you probably just need a bowl of white rice to go with this. 

Next is a new flavour (recipe created by the boss himself) – Marinate Green Curry Chicken (500 gm)! I have never come across anybody who sells green curry flavoured chicken! We fell in love with this new flavour instantly because the tanginess arouses our appetite so easily and the extra spiciness is super shiok! 

For black pepper lovers, the Marinated Black Pepper Chicken (500gm) would be the one for you! This turned out simple and peppery yet does not overwhelm the taste of the chicken slices. 

Back in the days where Covid-19 hasn’t hit us, Phuket Town Mookata’s garlic pork collar has always been my go-to meat for its mookata! Now, it is selling its Marinated Garlic Pork Collar (500 gm) on Frozen & Co. You bet I’m gonna spam ordering this for my stay-home mookata cravings!

Last but not least, if there is green curry, there must be a tom yum flavour right?? Yup, Marinated Tom Yam Pork Collar (500 gm) has also been a popular choice amongst regulars at Phuket Town Mookata. It is no surprise that Frozen & Co chose it as one of the 5 flavours to sell. It is actually more tangy than the Marinated Green Curry Chicken and there are sharp notes to it! 

Right now, Frozen & Co is selling all Marinated Chicken (500 gm each) at a promotional rate at $9.90 (U.P. $11) while all Marinated Pork Collar (500gm each) are selling at $11.90! To be honest, 500 grams of meat can serve up to 5 servings. You can store the meat for up to 3 days in the chiller, but up to 1 month in the freezer. Hurry, grab the awesome marinated meats while the promotion lasts!