JQ Pot | Lok Lok with Delicious Cheese Dips


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Lok 淥 in Cantonese means to be scalded or getting burnt in hot water. Lok lok is similar to eating steamboat but instead of using a chopstick, it uses wooden sticks as skewers.

At JQ POT, you can enjoy steamboat, BBQ and deep fried skewers all at one place!

Mini Hotpot

Their each a pot, steamboat concept, comes with 3 different soup broths. They have Tomyam soup, Chicken soup, and their signature Milk soup base. So each alacarte order of their mini hotpot (starting from $5), comes with a mini steamboat pot, a portion of noodle of your choice, and a platter of egg, meat & vegetables.

Initially we thought that the $5 add-on only entitles you to the mini hotpot to cook your Lok Lok. But in actual fact it comes with so many other food as well, like what we always say: it’s Damn Worth It!

Janice chose Maggi Noodles over Beehoon & Tunghoon:

When you order over 40 sticks of Lok Lok, each skewer’s price will be brought down to $1. You can easily have it with 4 friends or more, and that’s like $10 per pax. Besides boiling or barbecuing your skewers, you can request to deep fry them! With no extra charge of course.

Prawns, broccolis and crackers deep-fried, Damn Shiok!

The Cheese Dip is what JQ Pot is all about. At $38 Nett, you will get to enjoy the cheese dip, coming along with it is 2 plates of food with 18 different varieties!

We had an awesome meal, highly recommend!

Enjoy the video:

JQ POT (Food Emo)

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