Hokey Poki “Poke” Bowls & Sushi Tacos Review!

Hiding along Sultan Gate Road, step into dark glass doors that beckon!

Dine in chill vibes with sprawling wood furniture and hanging vines.

Chance upon this attending geisha…

And stand before this unorthodox fusion setup!

Hokey Poki specializes in “Poke” bowls, raw fish served with salad stemming from Hawaiian influence. Yet they do it differently – just look at that selection!

Have your share of jiggle:

This Onsen Egg atop seasoned Salmon Cubes, Mango, and Jellyfish – presenting the Salmon Poke bowl ($10.90 with salad).

Or have more crispy heaven instead:

Soft-Shelled Crab drizzled in Hokey Poki’s signature Laksa Mentai sauce – Hawaiian Japanese Singapore fusion what??? ($12.90 with Purple Rice) As long as it makes your tastebuds happy can already.

Before we dug in.

Don’t forget that they use special Purple Rice, chewy and juicy and packed with antioxidants. Choose to have it HOT or COLD! Cha Soba and Salad options available.

Offering delightful sushi tacos as well… generously large (a few bites) bite-sized?? @ JUST $5.90 each, $7.90 for TWO!!!

This is the Shishamo Poke Taco!

And the Prawn Tempura Poke Taco. Served on a sturdy Seaweed Taco deep-fried to crispy heaven. Choose between Cheese, Wasabi Mayo, or Lemongrass Mentai sauces!!! 

After savoury, never forget sweet.

Try their special S’mores Taco with a Crepe, Chocolate sauce, and fruit cubes.


Hokey Poki

38 Sultan Gate

(Inside FOMO)

Tel: +65 98173889

Email: hokeypokisg@gmail.com

Open Daily 11:30am – 9:30pm

For Delivery: hokeypoki.oddle.me

Written by Jean @ DamnWorthIt Foodie!