HalalStreet @ 76 Shenton Way

HalalStreet @ 76 Shenton Way

Located just behind M Hotel, HalalStreet consists of 2 halal eateries currently.

1. Fig & Olive

Many must have wondered where did Fig & Olive disappear to, because it used to have many outlets elsewhere. This mediterranean halal restaurant is now anchored by Chef Firdaus at this one and only outlet. Lets dive straight to some of its items now!

Chicken Kebab ($9.30)

Many CBD workers choose this for lunch because it’s very easy to consume it, like and grab-go-munch option. You definitely can expect it to be filling, so much more meat than those from Pasar Malams – like a subway with a distinct sambal sauce. It has other types of meat and sauces for the Kebab too!

Breaded Fish with Olive Rice ($12.90)

The olive rice has a very light flavor, which is actually too healthy for me. The fish is crispy despite the seemingly little flour – which really suits me because I don’t like those that are thick in flour. The flesh of the fish is fresh and soft, though the sauce that comes with it is towards sourness. I really love the salad and dressing. Eating every slices of fish and the salad, it complements each other – you won’t get sick of the course because there is a balance between the savory deep fried fish and the refreshing crunch from the salad.

Chicken Magribi Quesadillas ($12)

I was not very keen to try this because I’ve never liked bread-like courses and I’m not a fan of capsicum (if I can avoid it, I would). But this turned out to be my favorite!!! This is definitely a must try!

The roasted capsicums give an aroma to the entire fillings within, together with cheese, the roasted chicken comes with fats that adds on the fragrance to the entire quesadilla! The BBQ sauce within also complements all the ingredients very well! This dish made me fall in love with mediterranean cuisines instantly!

2. Pak Dollah

Pak Dollah is actually the busier eatery out of the 2 at HalalStreet, probably because it serves local delights.

Nasi Ambeng ($12.90 One Serving /  $25.30 Two Servings / $45.90 Four Servings)

Nasi Ambeng is the most popular choices amongst its customers. I guess the muslim culture is contagious – people do actually like to sit around a table to share one big plate of food (platter) regardless of their race. Nasi Ambeng is like nasi padang which has a bit of everything (all the nasi padang dishes). I ordered the 1-serving portion to share because I had the above courses from Fig & Olive to try also. All I can say is I REALLY LOVE THE NASI AMBENG!

I’m someone who loves to go to buffet because I love to try abit of everything. So Nasi Ambeng fulfills my greed condition already. And sharing good food with people brings me joy! I need to specially mention some of the dishes – Ayam Goreng (chicken wing) and Sayur Lodeh (vegetables curry).

The Ayam Goreng is marinated for more than 24 hours with a secret recipe which the chef refused to reveal. You could really taste the fragrance of not only the fried skin, but also from the marination of the meat. Sayur Lodeh looks spicier than it is – coconut and chili padi are blended to become a paste for the curry. Complements the rice really well, and it was soon the first to be gone while sharing. Try this with a community and you will experience what I mean.

Address: HalalStreet @ 76 Shenton Way, Singapore 079119, behind M Hotel.
Opening Hours:
8am – 5pm on Weekdays
11am – 4pm on Saturdays
Closed on Sundays

Written by Maisie Liu – Damn Worth It Foodie